An awesome lineup of skinplus products


183 parliamentary road extension , calabar.

For consulations,

Skinplus consultation form

Fill out this our online form. A payment fee will be applied at the end. Your results will be discussed with you and a tailor made regimen provided as well as product suggestions for your specific problems.

Product line up

1. Tone away your troubles

Glow water – distilled water,rose extract,green tea extract,5%aha corresponding to 5% glycolic and other aha,2% bha,eco certified preservative,capyrlic triglycerides

Available as 100ml , 250ml

2. Body butter with spf 15.

Organic shea butter,sunflower seed oil,almond oil,coconut oil,carrot seed oil,zinc oxide 10%, frankincense,myrrh

3. Tumeric and carrot cream

4. Black sugar scrub

5. Clear skin essence

6. Decadent body oil

7. Super luxurious facial oil


9 thoughts on “SHOP”

  1. Please can I get the specs on your Hoodia capsules and Raspberry ketones i.e how many milligram per capsule. Also does your N1,500 shipping via Tranex apply to Sokoto too? I’m interested. Thanks


  2. Pls do you have raspberry ketone max?,I stay in calabar.and can I also get l’occitane produts too(their body cream)


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