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River Island ships to Nigeria

A post about online businesses that ship to nigeria is way overdue but we can start here. I noticed river island had started shipping to nigeria sometime last year. I was web trawling and as usual checked on a few sites to see if their shipping policies towards nigeria had changed. I found river island… Continue reading River Island ships to Nigeria

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Mascara sale at skiin pop up shop.

Hi guys, Here's what I've got on sale from my pop up shop. Rimmel scandal eyes lash flirt volume and lift mascara at 1,500 Nair a Avon colour trend lash in a flash lengthening mascara at 700 Urban decay big fatty mascara this is about 2mls at 300 Nair a Rimmel lash accelerator mascara at… Continue reading Mascara sale at skiin pop up shop.


Avon super shock mascara …. I got this on my first Avon order. No one seemed interested in it. I was using clinique lash doubling mascara at the time but it stung my eyes so much. Seeing I also have atopy, not funny. So I decided to use this mascara and its wonderful. Doesn't clump. Goes on easily. Although I have to angle the brush a bit since I have curved short lashes. The definition is great. Comes off easily at the end of the day,without a sting. I recommend.

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peter and Wendy

kemkem studio..peter pan collar shirt and aso oke skirt.this outfit is a complete style statementSurely you remember those two... Well,say hello to good friends once again as peter lends us a bit of his clothing from the fall collections...the designers decided to bring him back. I'm loving the way peter pan collars make for an… Continue reading peter and Wendy

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blue dreams

Blue looks good on all skin tones There's a very wide range of choice From the luscent the mini's of fall To the maxi's of spring summer From gucci to Marc Jacobs to Alberta Everyone did some blue this year.. I never really missed blue when it left the scene but I must admit..its… Continue reading blue dreams