About me

I’m a paediatrician specialising in newborn , cardiology and skin. Yes I live all three and I can’t choose one.

I love trolling shops and writing.
This passion for skincare has culminated in what you see here today. 

I always want to be happy about my skin and I want to help you on the journey to the same destination.

I make and curate beauty and skin care products.
For dermatology and peadiatric advice,whatever concerns you have, lets hear it.

Email. Samsie10@gmail.com
Phone 08036345531 – SMS only.
SMS only please.
I will call back.

Beauty, Skin Shop
Skinplus calabar
Nosam medical
183 parliamentary road extension calabar
See product list Here or interact on instagram

skinplus consultation form 


11 thoughts on “About me”

      1. you’re welcome!! i see you have your email listed above. would I be able to contact your company with questions about the beauty market in Calabar and SE Nigeria? thank you!!


  1. jst came by your blog and its awesome knowing your a doctor who is also interested in beauty products. Am a doctor as well and people find it hard to believe cos of my love for all things beauty..


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