2022 summary !

End of 2022

It was an eventful year wherein I made a long anticipated trip to Belgium. This was my first time visiting the country and all the Dutch rudimentary lessons I did on babbel did not prepare me for the trilingual shock on arrival. The most amazing thing for me was the ease with which people switched from French to Dutch to English.

I learnt alsterblieft which means please. 😁 I spent time at the institute of tropical medicine in Antwerp which is a highly rated university with staff who are certainly worth their onions in knowledge. I am still amazed at the depth of knowledge and impartation received from this institution. I returned rich in cultural experience, confidence to do research and knowledge of public health, health economics and more. I will do a blog post on my favourite stores and places in Anwterp. During the six week course duration I was able to visit France and Amsterdam. I returned to Belgium in December to present research I had done during covid-19 as an alumni of the institution. The two day colloquium was a learning point for me. A Eureka moment was meeting Prof Theresa who is a neonatologist and clinical trialist. It was like I met my future self. Amazing! The experience is one I will treasure for a long time to come.

In 2022, I got accepted into oxford university to do a masters in clinical trials. This was a fulfilling event for me as I have always desired to have a masters degree in a course that will affect my life immediately such that I am able to apply whatever I learn to better the lives of children and humankind. My tutelage is paid by the European society for paediatric research. I believe that my efforts to leave a legacy on earth have somehow enabled me achieve this. In my head are so many unanswered questions and learning will help me answer them through research.

In 2022, I was appointed as a consultant in Paediatrics. Long story but God has his hands in my pie and in yours if you let him.

In 2022, I thought I’d found love but I found a narcissist who started abusing me and I quickly let go of the relationship.

In 2022, I became very close to God. our relationship has progressed in leaps and bounds. I’m more dependent on him to the point of helplessness. I can do absolutely nothing without him. If he doesn’t lead I don’t move.

I didn’t do a lot of skincare blogging , my business suffered because I had bouts of sadness and times when I could not do a thing. There were days when I was barely functioning but doing so in a highly expressed manner. In all of this I managed to pass one of the mrcpch theory examinations. I don’t know how I did it, I know I studied hard. At the same time I’m really discouraged and I had stopped applying for jobs a long time ago. I now want to live without pressure and just have my life and focus on getting a good grade plus people have paid my fees and I have a whole village to live it up for.


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