Mini fragrances

First a photo of my face

I love the Clinique my happy – it’s my perfect scent. It’s girly, sweet and has musky notes that just envelope you in its graces. It cost me a good dollar on Macy’s and I had to keep checking to get it when it was back in stock. After it came I realised I liked the purple or teal one better but it doesn’t matter anymore. These are 15ml and expensive !

The mango scent was a second runner up for me because the scent I liked was unavailable in a mini. I bought this at the mango store at groenplats in Antwerp. It cost €6.99 but I haven’t been using it a lot because I don’t really like the fresh smell.

Kruidvat is a departmental store in Belgium that stocks skincare, otc supplements, it’s like a Walmart without food. They have their own perfumers and they have these really cheap fragrances. I first did the iris which was so nice and hence I was tempted to buy another which I don’t really like. Either way, if you need cheap scents which will linger maybe half of the day this is your bet. I feel like these are summer fragrances.


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