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Happy new year from skinplusng

Happy new 2018

Praise be to God for his mercies.

This year will see a lot of commitment from me on this blog.

This is my year ear of living intentionally and on my terms based on instructions from God.

I’m going to be easy on everything but firm and resolute.I’m taking care of myself better ans I’m making exercise and work out decisions to help me along with these resolutions.

Better reviews, diy recipes and a lot more sharing of informative knowledge.

Since the start of this blog, I’ve grown and as a business, skinplus has grown in various ways.

We are launching our online webstore this year.

To reiterate our company ethics –

1. Safe skincare

2. Zero waste

3. Ethical formulations

4. Organic as much as we can be

5. We intend to remain true to put roots and put pur clients first as always.

Skinplus is less of what we sell but more of impacting your life.

I can’t wait to share what this year has to offer for everyone of us. Whoop!!

There will be giveaways which will be mostly based on number of comments dropped and post engagements.


Every month there will be a surprise gift headed to one active blog reader.

Happy new year everyone.

What are your resolutions ?


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