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Dr jart+ ceramidin  Aromatherapy associates shower gel review. (Sample reviews) 

Today I share reviews of these products I’ve used.

Dr jart+ ceramidin cream 

This cream came in one of my boxes but it has consistently remained on the top list of cult beauty products. I have struggled after using it to understand why this is so.on sephora it is even offered as part of the 100 points gift. It’s supposed to be a really advanced moisturiser for dry skin but I just say in summary that a pinch if shea butter rubbed into skin will do better.

Is it just me or am I finding more and more products unable to match up to simple shea butter ? 

It has a rose coloured hue to it and does take a while to feel the mosturising effect.

That said and done however, it lasted a good 8 hours and I kept washing my hands. This was on the day I decided I was going to pay it specific attention and use it all day. It’s not a bad buy if one had to get a full sized one but it wouldn’t be top on my moisturiser  list .
I didn’t use this on my face a lot but when i did it was around my eye area and besides some good moisture I didn’t notice anything else significant. 

It did give a dewy look on waking up from sleep so yes, that. 
Update – found caroline hirons reviewed this product and found it and like she noted it doesn’t really do well for oily skin. I think that’s where I had the problem with it on my face. 

I wouldn’t know why but considering the lack of immediate moisture feel I think this is made more like a barrier cream. 

Aromatherapy associates  revive body 

based on essential oils and aromatherapy this brand prides itself on being a natural and luxury skin care brand. 

The body wash didn’t leave me in doubt of this fact.when using some products, you get a feeling that this isn’t just a mere wash or cream or lotion. It has been crafted to make you feel different. A subtle blend of oils exalts the senses and the wash has quite a slip. A little goes a long way and it is the perfect indulgent trip. For those quick moves and those who are always on the go, a travel sized bite of this will keep you with good memories at Bath time and mornings. I used it more at night because of the tendency it had to make me feel relaxed. Although it is called revive it had the direct opposite on me. 

 I love it.

There was a lotion that came with this and I’m wondering if I had that reviewed but as a short by side, the lotion didn’t leave me full of praises. It had this over slippery feel to it that my mind tells me is xanthan gum. 

All the same, the bath gel is a fabulous treat. If you are looking to spend a little something on yourself I recommend this bath gel. It’s free from most nasties so you know you’re doing your skin and the environment some good while at it.

Does anyone else love sample sized products as much as I do ?

I would love to hear about your favourite moisturisers and bath washes too. 


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