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Empty reviews series 1

Finally empty. 

From left to right. 

1. Vo5 real clean styling gel with extra hold.I loved this gel so much I used it in bits and I’ve had it for way past its time. I used it on weaves that were curly sprung and on my hair for flyaways. I included this because it might be a great staying option for natural hair. It didn’t leave residue behind and it has some nice hold.  There was also no need to wash it off the hair as well. Main ingredients – water, gelatin and some amino acid polymers then a ton of other ingredients all chemical names. If it were now I wouldn’t buy this because it has way too many chemical names in the ingredient list but guess what?  It’s paraben  free.

Available on for $7 .. I bought mine in a local store in calabar. One store I usually visit called jewels at shoprite plaza on mcc road. I have discovered a lot of items there from baking pans and trays to planter pots and cheap dustbin baskets I use as planters. It’s a really nice store and I appreciate the owner for consistently sticking to her product range over the years. 

2  naturally thinking sunflower oil

I was running  through this oil pretty fast because of its silky smooth and easily absorbable texture. I had to keep some and take it slowly.  I love oils that are rich in vitamin e especially because my skin needs all the softness it can get because it’s dry.I added some of this to the bath and body works lotion and that brought it up to the consistency I liked  

Naturally thinking is my foolproof go to for organic oils. It’s a bit pricey but you know you are buying the real deal, ethically sourced. This is the brand stocked at skinplusng and we also stock natural nigerian another brand that is homegrown and close to the heart. 

3. HeB  vitamin E oil

I bought this from Heb.  A retail chain that I think has its roots some where in Mexico and texas. You would hardly find heb stores outside the west of the usa. They put a lot of effort into their own brand products and I love this about them. I’ve taken their pills and their vitamins and I must say I haven’t noticed any cheapness about the brand.This oil is made so pure it can be ingested but my skin desired it more. I also added this to my recent batch of homemade butters for sale in the shop.

Vitamin E is so good for the skin. It’s pretty easy to find pure oils too. Wheatgerm oil has high vitamin e levels. 

4. BATH and body work cashmere glow lotion.

I didn’t like this at first because of the consistency but I bought it for the fragrance. I will tell you here that when it comes to this organic business I am stuck on it for products I retail these days and I am doing my best to source those. It gives a lot of confidence to walk into a shop and know that you aren’t killing yourself with the purchases you will make.

However , it’s a long road. Until then; I’m still using some of this stuff but thankfully; this doesn’t have parabens and formaldehyde but it does have imidazolyn urea. I used it anyway and I liked it a bit .. However I do make say a naturally whipped butter makes a better rub any day.  
Those are 4 of my finally empty products and I have a lot more to go through. 

Some have been reviewed here before and some are new products but I am going to ty my best to share everything.

We have a post on acne coming up this week. 

Do you have a favourite hair styling product ? Especially made in nigeria ? 

Please share. 

I would also love to know what natural oils you think your skin loves best.

I may have a surprise for your answers. 


6 thoughts on “Empty reviews series 1”

  1. I love your reviews, always so straight to the point!
    I use tea tree and lavender oil in my homemade Shea conditioner and body butters, I also swear by organic coconut oil and use it in just about everything from pre-shower skin conditioner to post leg shave moisturiser! It’s the best 😁


    1. Thank you…. I think homemade is really the best. I mean , you can even avoid all those nasties.. I’m not too big on coconut oil but I use it with the milk and water for making butters.. as for tea tree oil, I run out too quickly. LoL. I’ve not ingested it yet. That’s all that’s left to do. Haha. Thanks for your comment dear.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, pls don’t ingest it oh! How do you preserve the coconut milk in your body butters though? I’ve never thought of using it …hmm

        P.s do you have any recommendations on facial spf? I’ve tried boots soltan range and Clinique but they both have a noticeable white cast and the boots one especially, messes up my makeup!


      2. Coola spf and hawaian tropic are beautiful. . I use a preservative and you would need to take an emulsion class for that one. LoL. But natural nigerian usually holds classes for formulators. If it’s your thing. .

        Liked by 1 person

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