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Orthodontic treatment in calabar

Hello everyone,
This post is directed to anyone who lives in calabar or even Uyo and needs to have their smile fixed.
If you have any issues with your teeth being crooked, too much space, crowding together, an open bite, there is an ortho doctor in calabar now, at ucth. Essentially, if you need braces. Fixed and removable.
You can have appliances fixed and monitored , a full range of treatment is now available.
If you or your kids have a need for this especially this holidays being the right time to start treatment so kids get used to it before school resumes, please contact me so I can refer you and have you set up an appointment to see the doctor.
I’m currently wearing braces and have for the past 3years and I’m happy we have a doctor in calabar now so kindly avail yourself of this opportunity.

08027240284 Dr adekoya. Ucth calabar


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