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Please excuse me

While I slip into oblivion.
So much for hoping for a good year.
Cant share but hope to come out stronger from this.
Have been absent for weeks on instagram and not typing up any posts to make up for the silence on the blog either.
Things have gotten way out of hand and I need to take an extended hiatus.
I hope my life will someday go back to what it used to be.
Until then, this will probably be an archive of what I have done in the past.
Maybe I will have something new to share at the end of this new experience.
It just never goes the way we plan it does it ?
God has got this.
Thanks for being understanding people.
When everything I write comes from my heart and a joyful place, then you know if I dont feel happy I cannot write and I cannot blog.
I’m so sorry and I hope I will be back sooner than I think.
The shop is still up and running so if you need anything, stop by or send a whatsapp message.


3 thoughts on “Please excuse me”

    1. Thanks so much dear. Things actually worked out faster amd far better than i expected. I was underestimating God in my down and under although i still held on because -no where else i would rather have been.


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