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A few tips

Well, I seem to be doing this often.
The carrots and sticks game.
I put up this interesting topic and then I dont type anything
It is funny.

This is because I don’t think the thought processes behind what I want to say are fully completed.
This post was supposed to be about life, forging ahead and making it but does anyone really want to hear anything from someone who doesnt seem to have it all together ?
This is what I have often thought.
In exposing yourself to the world and in doing so, may encourage someone who May not be as well oft as I am now because by varying degrees of proportion there are levels to everything.
Even in being a failure in life there are levels.
The big question is ,

What is making you fail ?
What do you need to do to be on the right track and are you doing it ?
If you are to study to pass exams, did you study ?
How are your distractions helping you move forward ?

About distractions,
I once thought this blog was a distraction.
Back then I became concerned about stats although the major reason why I started this blog wasn’t for stats but I got caught up.
Yes, steph obi said something about your blog remaining a blog and a side hustle juat because you didnt want to work hard and focus and make it real.
For me, this blog fulfills the roles of allowing me write which is something I always loved doing and also talking about skincare, creams which I absolutely love.

I don’t live a fancy glamourous life which is what most people tend to expect of bloggers.
I don’t review makeup or do makeup looks because in all honesty and truth I do not wear makeup as often as a girl should.
It tires me out.
80% of the time I am barefaced.
I have far too many makeup brushes for someone who doesn’t wear makeup all the time.
The least I am doing now after protests from close big aunties is lamora kabuki brush and mac pressed powder in a little purse in my bag.
Benefit lipgloss which is nude.
I am the girl in sneakers, lounge pants and a tshirt at the airport or wearing a long gown and sandals who carries only one black bag for seven months even though I have several bags.
I have spots from breakouts.
I am not flawless.
I think lipstick doesnt look nice on me but I wear it sometimes all the same.

I went off my blog for a year or alnost a year to sort things out with my postgraduate work.
It didnt end up any better than when I was blogging actively.
This blog is a part of my life and I regret not sharing posts of all the products I used when I was in my self proclaimed hiatus.

This post should be on zoehugs because that is where I do all the encouraging stuff. I used to run 3blogs at a time in my life.
Zoehugs was a daily devotional and loiss was my locked passworded blog.
These days, I’m just here.
Because I find that in walking with God sometimes you need trials to come back and have something to say to others.

If I lose the means by which I redeem my mental faculties, my life indeed will cease to gain meaning.
So many things keep us sane.

Find yours and never leave it alone.


1 thought on “A few tips”

  1. Nice post.I like your honesty although it’s a shame you do not like makeup because coming from someone who loves makeup, I can tell you it’s awesome!especially lipstick.
    I am not really given to skin care products though. Once I find one that’s good for my skin I remain loyal for years maybe until it goes out of the market.


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