Bioderma sensibio eau miscelle

I cant get enough of this miscellar water
This is the softest sweetest thing you could use on your skin people. (For now)

So I was on my regular trolling account on instgram, the one where I get to make comments everywhere without people thinking ‘whats wrong with her ‘ and I regularly chip in tafia on carolinehirons posts from that account.
A lot of her followers are on the pixi glow train and I tell you with good effect.
Acid exfoliation can take years off your skin and lines.
So, someone mentioned retinol today and that was how it started.
I remembered I had retinol which I had been judiciously using once upon a time so I went in search of it.
3baskets later, I found it.

Now, my routine sometimes consists of wash face and bath, jump into bed.
This is why I fret about face wash a lot and can do anything for neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub.
Because you cannot use retinol after salicylic acid or glycolic acid for up to an hour, I had to use a different toner for my face.
I don’t like the smell.of witch hazel, I think it doesnt work too so I spotted this bioderma on the table and I’m like thats true, I once used this as toner post face wash.
Ideally, miscellar water is meant to be used pre face wash.. to take makeup off because good girls use two different makeup removal methods.
In my case, it’s hardly ever makeup.
Just pollution from the day.
This was the result post face wash

I am pretty impressed.
Its not as much stuff or gunk as I would get from my regular toners now which are the proactiv refreshing toner that is 5% glycolic acid or alba botanica which is 2% salicylic but it is better than the oriflame oily skin toner I reviewed a while back.image

I think this gives me another reason to shop myself some bioderma from my store when this bottle finishes.

Note that the miscellar water for oily skin which is green packaging is not as good as this I did try them both and this won hands down. This is for sensitive skin.
Now I can use a toner and I dont  have to wait an hour before using retinol. Woohoo. Goodbye aging.
Bioderma sensibio miscellaire is available in nigeria at skinplusng and we have 100mls on sale now for N1000.
You like ? I like!
What toners are you currently into ? I would love to hear and try.


1 thought on “Bioderma sensibio eau miscelle”

  1. Great review and super affordable too. Recently heard about the brand, was going to try to get my hands on Bioderma Sebium but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    Oh well….


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