My little uk box october and November review

Love the little boxes which aren’t so little actually.
On instagram I had said I would never cancel my subscription.
Well hello, I won’t.
I love everything that goes into the box.
So thoughtfully procured

October box was the dvf box.
In collaboration with diane von frustsenberg that european designer who invented the wrap dress.
Box came with a magazine to tell all the stories that inspired and a dvf scarf  which came in very handy on a stowaway trip but is large enough to be used for anything.
The iconic red lip brooch which I have since misplaced. Awwks.
I know it is somewhere in my property.
It also had hand cream from one of my favourite french brands l’occitane
Shea hand cream which is utterly amazing and small enough for those of us who need handcream in every nook and cranny of our purses, bags and car.

Miscellar water
from my little beauty the brand for my little uk box.
I didnt like the smell of this.
I used a bit of it and I have pencilled it down for a giveaway.
It has aloe vera and it did work excellently well but I cant stand the smell.
Love that it has a little hole for dispensing but thats about it.

November box came with a cute little expresso mug
Inscribed how’s your day gonna be?
Inside reads ‘happy’
An aranacil eye kohl pencil
My little beauty mascara which despite the lovely ingredients left my eyes stinging when taking it off.
Essie ‘as cute as a button’ nail polish
This is my first time using essie polish

It left a lot to be desired except the marvellous colour payoff.
It dried fast but didn’t look good on natural nails that had a few ridges.
Its also a bit too light.
I prefer my staple rimmel polish and the oriflame the one polish.
I pretty much got the two boxes mixed up by now so forgive me.
I don’t mind the two products which werent all that.
For me, I got value for the money spent.
Looking forward to my december box.
I get my boxes late because of consolidated shipping.
My subscription is done with my gtb mastercard.
here you need a uk shipping address.


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