Cantu shea butter relaxer -review

Wasted no time in reviewing cantu shea butter relaxer. I used this to texturise my hair 9/12^14 so here’s what happened.

I went looking for something safe and nice.
Initially I wanted to go all sleek and straight
I had ors in mind or organics.
I loved how their texturisers worked and since I was looking to get a good sleek end product without damage, off I went to favourite supermarket calabar.
I found this cantu covered in dust at the tail end of the shelf.
The girl there didn’t even know what it was.

I got home,took pictures and then decided I loved my little curls and wasn’t going ahead with the retouch.
Two days later I think I fell into that everything is irritating me mode and the hair had to look neat.
I did it at night.

The kit comes with two already made relaxer bowls, one scalp and edges protective cream, one shampoo , one rinse o ur conditioner and a sample of the grow strong treatment.

Cantu shea butter relaxer kit ..

Cut my hair into three parts,  applied the scalp and edges protector gel then applied texture control cream from texture my way which is a different kit over my hair.
Remember I bought super formulation. I didnt find any regular and I really wanted to try it.
From my experience with using dark and lovely kits, super means you are going to have bone straight hair.

Proceeded to apply relaxer using the well constructed gloves in kit and a comb then my hand to smooth it out.
I was done in ten minutes but my scalp had started hurting.
So I ran to wash it all off.

I used the shampoo included and the awesome conditioner. I also used ors mayo and organics mayo for twenty minutes. Rinsed out
Followed with the grow strong treatment included in the kit and towel dried, put hair in three plaits.
No length check. Haha.
Wrapped a scarf tightly round it and off to bed.

Now what do I think
Packaging -4/10
Using a nylon or some shiny plastic pack may keep things preserved in the package but it looked tacky.
Thankfully there was a paper pack inside it which looked normal like other kits.
Shampoo cover broke before I touched it.
Relaxer is a no mix type so it came thoughtfully seperated into two bowls.
You dont need to open the second bowl until next retouch.

Products- the relaxer had crystals in it like some residue thing on the cover. Some in the relaxer which got all in my hair and kept me rinsing for longer.

The shampoo isnt colour signal so you keep washing and washing and rinsing.

The conditioner is amazing. Smells lovely and slip is good too.
Worked as well.

Grow strong treatment needs no introduction I was pleased to find it inside.

End product- I think I got what I wanted out of this relaxer.
My hair ended up with waves largely I think due to the texture control cream I used pre relaxing.
They should make that in a jar huh.
I have these loose little waves which I love so much .
Hair still has weight and texture.
However I didnt enjoy those cryatal things everywhere and I felt a bit like it wasnt going to work
Considering this relaxer is less damaging to hair I will repurchase it and then hope cantu ups their game on the formulation.
Improve on the packaging too.
All in all I score this 6.5/10
Lets see how long my hair stays this way.

Two days later. Everything at the back reverted.
I did the back last so I guess it didnt have time to process enough.
Despite my efforts at sealing and using a pre relaxer protective cream, my ends are breaking again!
I got this under control before but yelp!
I hope this relaxer didn’t play a role.
Lets see what happens next.


8 thoughts on “Cantu shea butter relaxer -review”

  1. ‘ covered in dust’ lol.i like that you retouch your hair yourself. A salon lady once told me that she doesn’t have enough water to rinse my hair well. No length check? Bet why….lol. sorry about the breakage hon.


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