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Vitale olive oil 4 in 1 growth serum


I bought this oil as part of a new healthy hair journey i started which I’ll blog about in full later but I just had to post a review.
It cost 940 Naira at valuemart calabar a i’ve been using for a month since I put braids in.
I was really at a loss of what to do with my hair and I needed something fuss free but not a weave.
You know how braids are comfy right?
So vitale says this oil will –

Prevent thinning and breakage
Repair hair damage
Promote long thick healthy hair
Excellent for weaves and braids

Water, panthenol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, sulphur, camphor, arnica extract, pepper extract,nettle extract, centrella asiatica extract, peppermint, horseradish, olive oil, black seed, lactic acid, vitamin E
This list is why I bought the product.

the verdict
This is some wonder oil.
My hair was in braids and grew so much
Plus it is was organised kind of growth
There was minimal shedding
No fall out
My hair was stronger too.
I had six weeks old braids and my hair was still in order.
I love it and I’ve finished the bottle.
Good stuff.
It just doesn’t grow edges well or the braid pull out was more.

You can get this at any major store that sells hair goods and carries the line.
Other oils are keracare which has castor oil and is really good.
Some natural product lines Nigerian made like AJALI has a hair oil blend.
Ojon hair oil as well is good too.
I’m currently using keracare hair oils which has a similar constitution but with castor oil.
I’m going to do a blend of my own pretty soon.
Valuemart calabar- N940
Ebeano supermarket lagos??

What’s your favourite hair oil?
Do you mix and blend yourself?

Love and shopping


8 thoughts on “Vitale olive oil 4 in 1 growth serum”

  1. I also have braids on and I’m on the look out for products and tips on how to take care of my hair in braids. I think I saw this one time in a super market near me and its one of those things I just pass by each time I go looking for a shampoo or conditioner. I’ll go back there and get a bottle. What else do you do when your hair is in braids


    1. Hi dear,
      Thanks for reading.
      I use smoothcare hair pomade which I buy from casabella the one called herbal food because they have some other types- carrot oil and antibreakage.
      I use that from the roots to the tips and the vitale oil for my scalp.
      The vitale oil is quite light so I prefer to use the pomade for the braids themselves as it also helps to protect those little bits of hair that slip out .. I know braids are supposed to be a protective style but I use very little attachments usually one pack only so my hair is frequently not as protected as should be.
      I also clean my edges with keracare cleansing cream using a cotton wool but any clarifying shampoo can do if it won’t leave residue but a dry shampoo like khlorane or batiste (batiste is available on asos but doesn’t ship to nigeria)will do.I haven’t seen that anywhere in Nigeria though.
      Then I tried castor oil on the edges of recent after deciding to give it another try but that thing is sticky. LOL.
      I then mixed it with this vitale oil but I didn’t like the outcome. Too light vitale and too thick castor oil so after a while I stuck to the vitale oil alone and then when I had run through this bottle I started with keracare hair oil.
      My wahala plenty,I know.


  2. I have no idea what I was looking for when I found your blog but I’m glad I did. I never follow blogs, but trust that I have bookmarked your page. So much useful info! Great job! Please never stop sharing your experiences. God bless xxx


  3. Extra virgin olive oil for sealing and grapeseed oil for prepoo or hot oil treatment. I bought the serum sometime ago …so much goodness in 1 bottle.sadly, I reacted to the sulphur and peppermint in it.


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