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Keracare detangling shampoo

Keracre hydrating detangling shampoo

I’m going to be going a bit further than my regular skin care posts once in a while to review products I’ve tried as part of my healthy hair journey.
The first on my new regimen I posted awhile back was this shampoo.
What determined my decision to buy it?
I heard a lot of the range and how expensive it was.
That was before I discovered it on look fantastic and realised it wasn’t as pricey as made to appear.
The average shampoo will set you back about N1000 naira and strip your hair of every good thing!
I tried herbal essences before this and my hair broke like nothing ever.
It came in a 240 MLS bottle with a tip cap.
On the bottle is the W indication which I discovered for keracare products means use on wet hair.

What piqued my interest ?
The Main natural ingredient  is wheat protein.
Protein is good because our hair is made of protein and will help to seal breaks, strengthen hair too.
Others are preservatives.
No sulphates and parabens

Sulphates are mostly used to make products lather but they strip oils completely -not good.
This is a top selling point for this shampoo.

Of course I now stock and use it and I must say it is one of the best shampoos to ever touch my hair.

It went right through and I could feel it conditioning my hair.
My mum also got one bottle off my haul and she’s sold.
She recently said this was a top product and i should buy more.
It almost feels like you’re washing your hair with conditioner.
Now I know how much Fun some naturals have with hair products.

There wasn’t any breakage and my hair felt moisturized throughout the wash process.
This has certainly been a good start to a healthy head of hair and I love it so much.
Being the junkie that I am, there’ll probably be some story soon about another shampoo but please, this is my love for all time.
I may try stuff for sale but this is a topper!

Will make subsequent posts on other hair products I’m using and how we are faring with them plus the state of my hair.
I’m not yet at that point where I can boldly wear those hair measuring t-shirts but we are making a bit of progress.

Rating 5/5
Plenty discussion not required.

Shop keracrare range in calabar ?
Check here delivery everywhere and in calabar

Samples will be going out with purchases

Love and shopping


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