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Healthy hair journey

What I’ve always known is that my hair grows and grows well.
The problem however is breakage.
My hair as at some ten years ago was way beyondshoulder length. I was at 12inches to 14 inches but I couldn’t maintain that length without my mothers help.
I used dark and lovely relaxer for a very long time and I loved the way it actually thinned my hair out made it manageable too.
I used the super because my hair reverted after using regular.
Been on dark and lovely since 1998.
A very long time of about 12 years.
What I think protected my hair in all that time was

1.the henna mask I used religiously after every wash and I wasn’t doing a lot of weaves.
2. I used pink oil before any heat processing on my hair
3. I used organics hair mayonnaise every single day.
4. I tucked my hair away in a bun everyday and kept it for 3weeks post relaxer washing every week until the 5th week when I started braids. I relaxed every 3months.
5.Used a hair hood dryer all the time and didn’t let hair dry hard.I always came out before time – 15-20mins max and then added more pink oil.
6. Dax indian hemp for styling and shea butter for scalp.
7. No more dandruff shampoo alternated with hair fruits.

Fast forward to 2008 when I discovered human hair weaves and thats when my hair took a turn for the worse.
I’ve never used a lace wig before but consistently leaving my hair out in weaves damaged it.
Saloons don’t do much to help with the hair situation either.
I relocated to calabar for internship.
So much unprotected heat processing and manipulation.

1. I was working hard and stressed out
2. No more mayo every morning
3. Stopped using henna when a salonist advised I shouldn’t (just imagine) that was during nysc in abuja at some salon in garki 2.
4. Blow drying and tonging became the order of the day. (Often unprotected)
5. No more pink oil.
6. Retouching every 6weeks to keep hair looking fly in weaves.

The plan-
I’m currently at about 8inches of hair just shoulder length.
I chopped off a good length of my hair after stretching  a relaxer for about 5 months.
I had about 3 inches of growth which I texturised.

Then I have gone in on a few hair products
I started with the keracare line.
The shampoo is great and infuses a lot of moisture
The conditioner/mask is also nice
I’m also testing out a few shampoos to use and working out a regimen.
I got this asiam daily butter conditioner.
I’ve given away the extra one.
Therefore I’m back to my hair mayo along with-

1.Keracare detangling shampoo alternated with avon dandruff shampoo for fragile hair
2. Hair mayo and olive oil mask for deep conditioning
3. Anatomicals the sleek shall inherit the earth conditioner.for the processed part of the hair.
4. Organics herbal conditioner for the unprocessed hair.
5. Smooth care herbal pomade and no more dandruff hair cream.
6. Avon 360 damage repair – stops breakage and actually repairs split ends.
7. Hairven leave in conditioner mixed with tisserand tea tree oil for braids
8. Vitale growth oil for scalp
9. Washing hair at home and air drying just like mamma used to do it.

Will keep you posted.
P.s if you want me to do the giveaways on the blog, drop a note and let me know.
For now all the giving action is restricted to instagram.

Love and shopping


6 thoughts on “Healthy hair journey”

  1. Abeg do giveaway lemme win hair and beauty this rate i will be banned from giveaways #covers face hahahaha


  2. Reblogged this on // The Benoté Blog and commented:
    Seeking healthy hair is always a good idea no matter how much damage you’ve done over the years. Does anyone else have a journey similar to this? Benoté carries a number of products that can help with this process. Ask us about our treatments!! 318-828-2437
    #benotesalon #healthyhair #hairtreatment #shreveport #louisiana


    1. Thanks so much. I’m really looking to get my health and length back and I’ve ditched dark and lovely. I must say for a product I I used for many years it did a lot of damage by thinning out my hair to paper like quality. I keep trimming it and I’m hopeful that the new measures I’ve instituted will help me along.
      Pity I’m physically present to try some of your treatments but my blog visitors will likely appreciate this.
      Thanks once again.


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