Online makeup shops in nigeria

I am excited about the growth of online shops in Nigeria.
Each new outlet opening is like a dream come true.

In no particular order,these are shops that operate online retail

my makeup ng

invivo beauty – lagos only shipping

yanga beauty

accessories ng

beauty kink



beauty boon

sizelle store for hair products

girly essentials

I haven’t ordered from any of these sites because I have a pop up and I stock most of the things I use/need plus I keep trying new products so I’m not steady on staples save for my face. Check my staples here but most of them ship Countrywide.
Any other stores you know, you can add to the list.
When I remember or find some more, I’ll add them as well.
There are a whole number of people selling without virtual stores on instagram including us at skinplus skinpluscalabarso perhaps we will gather those too.


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