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I don’t know if it had anything to do with our petition.
The one I didn’t start but carried on my head.
Paypal is in Nigeria!
We got our own website .. I hope this means we are legit and stuff.
All the same , sign up here.
Too happy if you know what this means.
You can start paying for stuff easily
Sending money easily for now
letzz go here
Be the change you want to see.
I’m happy I signed that petition.


2 thoughts on “PAYPAL IS HERE !!”

  1. I didn’t believe this when I saw this here. I was taken aback, I had to quickly go on google to confirm, and there it was. I was so happy, you know it’s kinda frustrating when you need something very badly and seller only accepts PayPal, and since you are in Nigeria, you do not have access to it. This is a very good development, as it will make more online merchants open more to us. I quickly registered my account and made two purchases from eBay and they actually went through. I am so happy. Lest i forget, as I am overexcited right now, do you know now ship to Nigeria? I made an order from them worth £180 and they have a flat rate for shipping to Nigeria for £15.99. The order was made on the 13th of June and I picked it up at the post office yesterday, 27th of June, and it was fully traceable all the way. Items are really nice with very good materials. You should check them out if you haven’t already. Do take care.


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