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eyelash growth potions and lash curlers

I’ve been fascinated with eyelashes forever.
My first makeup purchase was clear mascara.
I still remember how excited I was applying it to my overly curled eyelashes.
So curled that it’s practically pointless using mascara but It’s still my best makeup item.
It was only a matter of time before I discovered eyelash growth potions.
From the very medicinal ones containing bimatoprost,
Which can grow lashes but stain the iris and change eye colour in some persons to the ones like mavala which has some snail ingredient.
There’s rapidlash and revitalash too.

Of these lot, I’ve used as lash potions

Mavala is the little white and blue bottle on the top fourth from left


Rimmel lash accelerator mascara
Models own lash grow hi definer mascara

The mavala didn’t work.
The oriflame mascara I’m still trying out but taking it off makes my eyes smart like a clinique mascara I once owned.
Oriflame has a serum which I think is great and is worth every pound I spent on it.
I’ve noticed with 1week of use that my lashes are now darker.

The rimmel I’ve used and restocked thrice and it just does the trick.
I’ had some growth with it and I just love how it looks when i use it.
I think rimmel makes one of the best drugstore mascaras you can find.
Great for sensitive eyes.

The models own was also impressive and it’s really a high definer mascara.

I also have a heated eyelash curler from eylure which works pretty much like flat ironing only wish they made those things with people like me in mind.
It’s difficult to get the lashes in and to use.
it doesn’t heat up well enough as well. For me at least.
I will do a full review of it soon.
That’s a picture of it.

I’ve often imagined a pair of eyelash heated straightners. Tiny slim rods that heat up and seperate to grip and straighten out lashes.
Product development anyone?
I also have a regular eyelash curler from oriflame which I tried to heat up but couldn’t bring it near my eyelids afterwards.
Don’t laugh. A girl can be desperate too.
image Oriflame eyelash curler

Between these products I manage to get my lashes bidding the time until I find the magic cure all.

I really can’t wait for avon to get their lash growing potion out there because avon products work but I’m really happy with the oriflame hyperstretch serum for now.
It goes on a bit thick so product doesn’t get in your eyes and the applicator is like an eyeliner brush.
You can run it on your lash line.
Best of all, it works.

So folks, that’s my attempt at growing my lashes.
I hope to get rapidlash or elizabeth arden mascara and eyebrow duo sometime in the future.

There’s also these lash extensions I saw on instagram that’s semi permanent,lasts 3months and is done in lagos by sacred lash artistry.
Individual hair extensions with mink lashes.
I’m definitely getting that done sometime.
They are also the reps for red cherry lashes here so you can get lashed out too.
Rimmel and model’s own-asos £7-10
Oriflame- cosmeticsquarenigeria (I also sell this) £5.56
Mavala- look fantastic £11

Have you tried anything to make your lashes grow ?

Do share.


A little side note.
I will be decreasing my posting frequency on this blog for the next 6 months.
I need to shut down in order to concentrate on a few things that are emergent right now.
Please bear with me.
Do however look out for my la Roche posay effaclar duo plus review soon.
Thanks all.


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