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What's in my carry on


A cuticle trimmer.
Yellow, from Rita’s beauty
I find the sharpest and nicest colours there.
A girl has to have this on hand anytime.

Beauty treats jojoba oil lip care.
Used far less often than the carmex.
Carmex is my go to lip balm because it has salicylic acid.
It exfoliates lips nicely.
Available at skin calabar for 1200 Nair a.

Clindamycin gel for acne.
It’s a topical antibiotic for propioni acne and studies have shown that when combined with adapalene ( differin gel) it works twice as good.
Available at skin calabar.

Emery board
For keeping nails trim
Got this as part of a set from some online purchase.
It’s actually soft enough and portably cute.

Foundation sponge without any foundation nearby.
I’m actually barefaced most of the time.
Don’t know how this sponge got here.
It’s a sleek sponge from favourite supermarket in calabar.
The entire pack was N900.

Victoria’s secret hand cream with Shea butter.
lovely hand cream, not as good as my Vichy but it is doing the job fairly well.
It’s available on Konga although I bought this at Balogun market and I have three more up for sale at 1000naira.

The transparent case is from a bliss uk special edition limited to asos body wash and face polish.
Long finished those.

I have another purse for pens,BIrOS and little perfume tester cards I use for writing numbers.
And another for keys, bottle opener, otp token, some more pens, LoL.
Nothing flies around in my bag.
Everything has a pouch/case.

How do you organise your bag?
What’s in your carry on?
Have you tried a custom made bag organiser before?
Do you have any skin care essentials you tote around and why?
Would live to hear about it.


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