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Rimmel fix and perfect foundation primer review !


Forget what you heard.
This is urgent news.
This is the first time I’ve used a primer and by God, nip and fab shine fix for controlling oil secretion has nothing on this baby.

I have used this for 2 weeks and I can never regret stocking it ..
This primer does miracles and it should be the next PP cream.
P for primer, P for pimping skin
I’m just too excited about it.
it is practical and it controls oil amazingly.

I feel confident wearing foundation everyday since I found this primer because I don’t shine for more than 8hours, no joke. Most importantly no breakouts to cry about at night.

Rimmel says –
Unique advanced formula
Foundation glides on smoothly and lasts longer
Wears more evenly
Wear alone for an all day fresh and even complexion.
Smoothes to minimise pores
Resurfaces for an even complexion
Brightens skin all day
Mattifiesand eliminates shine
Protects skin from environmental aggressors.

I say-
Use this primer if you are up for serious business because it does more than it says and it lacks silicon which is about all you find in big name primers.
Silicon coats the surface of the dkin prevents it from breathing and blocking pores.
You look smooth and sweet but Breakout endlessly at the end.

Rimmel primer has none of those silicon issues.
It can be used alone, or under foundation or powder.

I used it alone for a week then added the matte powder to dust off after foundation and I went longer with a shine free face.
This is my discovery of the year and just I case I discover something else, it will still have a place in heart and shelf.

Just so you know, this product and the matte shine control powder from rimmel sold more than a lot of the top brands in its category out there.. end of 2013 reviews from top beat magazines.

My verdict ?
6/5 so you know this is real.



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