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vichy nutriextra body cream review


I did a review of the hand cream for the nutri extra range last year.
I’m going to make bold to say vichy has healed my dry skin.
The site says it keep moisturised for two days.
I will give this cream a 10.5 of 10 anyday.

I bought this in the UAE while on holiday from aster pharmacy.
Outside of europe I think vichy is sold in pharmacies only.
Can’t possibly think why.
This is one brand I feel should be within the reach of everyone who has suffered dry skin woes.

I’ve used everything
From hyaluronic acid rich
To seaweed
To borage oil
To name it.
Nothing has worked as well as one glob of vichy nutriextra.

A colleague got two samples of the sensitive skin aquealia thermal and his latex rash allergies are history.

The cream comes in a tube.
A big tube.
As with the body milk and the other creams except vichy idealia, they all come in tubes.
There’s no spillage and you can actually tote this around in a handbag despite the 250mls size.

The cream is soothing and is even better than the hand cream which I tried before buying this.

Vichy promised-
1 application to last two days and it is that good and true to word.
it applies on smoothly, isn’t sticky and absorbs really fast.
I’ve been using this for 4months and I really can’t think of anything else I’d rather be using.
Whatever it takes to keep me vichy style, you bet I’ll be willing to do.

If you are looking for something to help your extra dry skin, this comes recommended as a winner.
Unfortunately vichy is only sold in pharmacies like boots and I got mine at aster pharmacy in the UAE.
My vacation was planned by bespoke vacations , they come highly recommended for a stress free holiday.
The first vichy I bought was via. escentuals the asos of skin care.
No shipping to Nigeria.
If you want this, send me an email.



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