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bioderma sebium water review

The all famous Bioderma is here!

If you haven’t heard about this brand of skincare products well hello!
Its french and who does skin better than the french ?
Their secret is out!
I’m trying to remember how I heard of Bioderma.
I think it was basically an online education thing.

Bioderma more or less pioneered the commercialisation of miscellar water.
All the other types of miscellar water out there came after bioderma.
The brand started with their products available on prescription only but became so wildly popular this beauty is sold in shops now.

Miscellar water simply means water with miscelles.
Essentially, little particles that are in the water and when you apply it on your face they break up and gather round dirt and makeup lifting them off your skin.

Its kind of a chemistry thing… attract, pick, remove.
With this, you can cleanse your face wherever you are without access to real water.
No soap needed as well.
Removes makeup,
No toner said to be required after use.
Recommended for very heavy makeup users as it is a light airy product which should encourage you to have healthy skin.
Soft on the eye area.
It has some derivatives of coconut oil which should make it perfect for oily skin as well because oil does better at pulling oil out.
The after feel is skin that is refreshed and clean without tightness.

I got the sebium water on esentuals during the summer when there was a third off sale on french Pharmacy products.

The packaging is green and comes in a clear plastic bottle that packs well and doesn’t spill.

Bioderma says—
Purify and cleanse your imperfection prone skin with the bioderma sebium water, a regulating , non rinse miscellar water cleanser.
Designed for those with combination to oily skin the soap free formula can be used on the face and other imperfection prone areas of the body.
It cleanses the skin deeply and improves the quality of sebum production with the patented fluidactiv complex
The non comedogenic cleanser removes impurities using miscelles which micro emulsify and remove impurities without drying.
Use twice daily.

My take–
I used it consistently over two weeks and the smell? Not so appealing to me.
I can’t quite place it,like some cross between mineral drinking water and witch hazel.
I used it after a face wash because it didn’t work quite well on its own alone.
Then I had to clean off with a towel after use because it left a filmy residue on that felt quite icky.
Also tried leaving it to air dry but that took some time and I didn’t enjoy the filmy feeling on my face in the time it took.
After doing all that,it dried to a clean finish.
Face felt clean.
Sometimes I had to finish up with a salicylic acid wipe.

Everything Bioderma says about the oil control is true.
The french sure do know how to pack a punch in a bottle.
If you have sensitive oily skin, this should be good for you as well as for someone with combination skin.
I think combination skin will enjoy this better.
Oil control for the shiny bits and moisture for the dry bits.

Despite all the good things I’ve said,
Just because I had to use another cleanser afterwards,I’ll recommend using a mild face wash and then moving on to this then a toner afterwards.
It worked perfectly when I washed pre – miscellar water use.
Maybe I just had very dirty skin…Maybe..
It can’t be my holy grail acne cleanser.

I will re purchase and go through all that stress of getting it down here just because it controls oil and it made my face glow amazingly plus no breakouts.
Very good for preventing breakouts not treating them.
I plan to try another type of bioderma sebium water and another brand as well to see if I’m truly going to buy into the bioderma hype to which I’m only partially sold right now.

Note– keyword is – not tightening, not twisting , not squeaking skin like blackboard and paper ..

Score 4/5
It did what it was sold to do but didn’t surpass my expectations.
We’ll eventually find out if its the best out there as Bioderma is said to still have the original formula for miscellar water.
I have half a bottle of 250mls of this left.
If you’d like to have it ,please drop me a note.

I’ve given the bioderma out so its no longer available and I received a sample of this same sebium water from escentual which I tried at again.
Now I must say that I used the water to take makeup off before using the bioderma gel cleanser and then switched it to gel wash then cleaner.
I didn’t experience
That filmy feeling on the face thing I complained about earlier.
I think this is the quality everyone raves about.
It took very bit of makeup off.
And i mean every bit of makeup.
After washing with the gel cleanser there was nothing left on my face. No dirt.

I also got the sample miscellar water for sensitive skin which I’ tried after this one and i loved it.
It was so much better than the one for oily skin.
I’m buying another and I’ll do a full review of it.
I used it for taking a full face of makeup off before washing and it was so kind to my skin.
It takes away that discomfort of having to see the gunk come off your sin while washing eek!

There’s so much to write about and with skin care, it never really stays static.


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