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Nip and Fab clean fix gel -Review

I bought the nip and Fab clean fix gel on asos this year.
It came as part of a set ‘the oily skin fix’ set which was an exclusive to asos set.
It cost about £12-£15.
Also available on debenhams which accepts nigerian cards but you ship to a UK address
The set had the clean fix gel, a spot fix gel and a shine fix gel.

I haven’t really given the shine fix gel a try but I didn’t use the spot fix because salicylic gels don’t help my acne.

The main ingredient in the clean fix gel is glycolic acid.
I must thank nip and fab for making it so available in their products.

It comes in a 200ml bottle with a pump and nice clean labeling.
The bottle is however not the best thing for travelling.. Unless you are extremely careful with packing, you’ll find the goo all over your stuff.
A little minus for packaging

Nip and fab clean fix gel Ingredients-
Water,cocoamidopropyl betaine,acrylates polymer, coco glucoside , Glycolic acid, Glycerin , sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, polysorbate esters, olive oil PEG -7 esters , Green tea extract , sodium hydroxide ,
Fragrance , Limolene, disodium EDTA, linalool, Dehydroacetic acid

And no parabens!
Thank the Lord!!

I used the gel as a cleanser mostly at night because I used a salicylic gel during the day.

Glycolic acid exfoliates skin but it increases photo sensitivity so its best to use at night where possible and wear sunscreen throught the period you use it.
Its good for adult acne.
Green tea extract is a natural antibacterial and antifungal.
Glycerin and oilve oil to moisturise the skin.

It washes makeup off well enough and controls acne very well, cleaning without overdrying.
I also used on my body.
Score -4/5

I will definitely be buying this again considering it kept the breakouts at bay and did so ever so kindly.
Its a product I’ll like to have around over and over..
A girl has to have options.



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