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Hairven Haircare products (@hairvenhairpro) review

Where do I start this post ?
I was venting some two years ago on twitter about hair salons, weaves and haircare when @teddyvirgo introduced me to @hairvenhairpro

I contacted the ceo and adorable lovely soul she is, was so warm and sent me 10products at wholesale price.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to follow up on my promise to do a bulk order but I’m still going to make good on it.
This is one brand I’m sticking with until the end.

The packaging has changed to a more colourful and sleeker design as seen on their website
The range consists of products designed for weaves but believe me, I spent most of it on my real hair.


Designed to infuse volume into light weightless hair,
While delicately freeing the hair and scalp of surface impurities and eliminating static.
Comes in a 472ml bottle with a tipcap.
This shampoo doesn’t frazzle hair like most others.
Have used a lot of shampoos but I keep coming back to this one.
Now I’m almost through it have reserved it for my weaves because no other one I’ve tried does as good a job as the hairven.



The conditioner was made for magic.
Those are the words that best describe it.
You need to see the way weaves go from tangled to smooth and curly.
I just apply some of it from top to ends and finger comb through.
Instant magic.
If you like me have paid 4,000 naira at a salon to have your weaves washed, you”ll appreciate this lovely gift of DIY at home.
This conditioner is comparable to nikky clarkes.

Leave in conditioner

This came in a spray bottle and I’ve used it so much.
It makes my hair soft.
Especially useful when I have braids on, I find it conditions my scalp and hair.

Styling mousse

This is as good as styling mousse comes.
The key thing is it gives weighless volume
It doesn’t dry out hair.
I used it with the serum most often.
Can’t remember the price.

Sorry, no pictures ….
I had ordered three bottles of serum.
My mum got one and gave it to her friend who keeps asking for it.
A friend bought one
I used the last one.

The defining moment of this serum was when I had one of those brazillian remi weaves on.
It was frazzled and tired after one week.
I trimmed the ends off then remembered I had serum.
After using it, you won’t believe I regretted trimming the ends.
I haven’t used any serum that’s as moisture infused as this.
The effect is wonderful
I used just one drop for each application
And it came in a dispenser bottle that had a cute pump.
Unfortunately I have finished it and I don’t have a picture to show.

You have to try this serum to understand how good it is.
No other has come close.
Avon dry ends serum comes a far second to this.
It was available for 2,500naira then but don’t know how much it is now.

So that’s my take on the hairven haircare range.
It is indeed better than some very well celebrated haircare brands out there and
If you have never supported a nigerian brand, here’s where to start.
You won’t regret the amazing quality.

I’ve been meaning to put out this review for ever but now is a good time as I hear Hairven will be relaunching the brand tomorrow. Info here – hairven launch


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