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zinc and acne

The first thing you are likely to say is what has zinc to do with acne.
The answer is a whole lot.
The surprising thing may be that the answer to your breakouts could probably lie in a little can of zinc tablets.
This is especially true for people who have inflammatory acne.

Zinc is a micro nutrient which is required by the body for re-epithelisation.
This means when your skin is broken down or disturbed, zinc is needed to help build it up.
Studies have shown that people who have acne most often have lower zinc levels .

Topical zinc has been used for ages as treatment for nappy rash, as diaper skin cream in the form of zinc oxide.,based on the same principle of causing accelerated wound healing and increasing skin integrity.

Natural sources of zinc include
Seafood- oysters
Beef and lamb
Wheat germ
Pumpkin seeds ( we mostly eat the leaves not seeds in nigeria)
Nuts like cashews
Cocoa and chocolate
Beans and mushrooms

You may eat this and still have reduced zinc levels because absorption can be reduced by phytates which are found in legumes and some whole grains.

Secondly, you’d need to consume some good quantity to correct any deficiencies and then move on to maintain your levels.

Adding zinc supplements to your daily intake or choosing a multivitamin with just enough zinc to fulfill your daily recommendation may do your skin the trick.
Zinc tablets are available over the counter as 20mg tablets.

Zinc is found topically in sudocream, which is used for babies.
A little of this applied at night, may do the trick.
Note that retinol another compound used for acne is best used at night which is when the skin repairs itself from all the damage it has undergone during the day.

Using topical zinc, you should look for creams with zinc oxide.
Natural spf which are usually formulated with zinc oxide could be another source of zinc.
So while you’re shopping for spf, do choose one with zinc. Double usefulness as sun is one of the triggers for acne.

Be on the lookout however for comedogenic agents used as carrier base for the zinc preparations.
These may cause breakouts but not as much as you would be getting usefulness for your cystic and inflammatory acne.

La roche posay serozinc is a spray with zinc sulphate and is mild enough for sensitive skin.

Avene cicalfate restorative cream

Avene compact powder

vichy and avene french skincare range have thermal water which is actually bottled spring water.
It has zinc as well as selenium and other micronutrients
Good for setting makeup as well as after your skincare ritual at night.

Smartshield sunscreen is available in nigeria.
Check beautyinlaogs for details
I have been unable to find a list of the ingredients to check if there’s zinc oxide in that one.

Its non comedogenic, so if it does have zinc oxide, that would be perfect.
Will do a follow up post when I find some locally available zinc bearing preparations for you to buy out there.

Tribotan cream- yes, that seemingly local cream.
At just 300 from my neighbourhood but upscale pharmacy,(will be cheaper elsewhere)it has 5% zinc oxide.
Haven’t tried it, but that’s valuable info.

Zinc tablets are available at
Amah and Dee pharmacy lekki chevron estate lagos
Forever living immunoblend has 15mg zinc which is the daily recommended dose for adults. It also has vitamin d and vitamin c
Other zinc formulations can be gotten in amy pharmacy close to you.
Most compound multivitamins have zinc – centrum, reload woman.


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