losing friendship

It is inevitable
Something that must happen to everyone in the journey of life
That point where you can’t just pick up the phone and call that friend with whom you’ve shared a naira and an extra day.
When you have to figure out what the dynamics of your conversation will be.
When time drags by and the promising thoughts only seem to be those of days gone by.
When there was carefree laughter and fun to make all gay.
The future feels bleak..you know they won’t be there when it comes.
Their lives would have gone off on another tangent, while you course through the newness that yours has become
There’s no tea to share, no welcoming cuddles ..
When you feel the growing divide , much as it is indefinable but you feel it physically , a chasm, separating and a veil drawing to an end the times you’ve shared.
A life gone but not lost to the world
When you can do nothing
But you brace yourself because it must happen, and happen it will.


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