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my favourite topic

i remember being mildly harrassed by a friend who said i was always talking about marriage.

it’s a fascinating subject to me anyways.

The entire idea of it leaves me in awe

I guess when you are in love with someone you dont have to think twice about being together the rest of your lives.

Do you really have to be together forever?

is love really so heavy and smouldering that it makes you accept a person farts,warts and all?

So you leave your parents and go off to some man’s home

yea,you love him and all that,or maybe not ….

but you sleep,wake with this person.

you cook,you plan a life.

you have kids.

its all so squeamish if you ask me.

like,sometimes i really wish life would continue like this

without change.

but change they say is inevitable and the only thing that’s constant about life.

regardless of how much you hear me talk about marriage and dish out the advice…

believe me when i say its scary.

don’t be fooled by my apparent bravado.

i really am still much of a child and i guess that’s also a part of me someone will have to marry someday.

that said and done, i did start off a series of stories about my experiences coming of age(meaning old enough for someone to think my pelvis would be adequate for his kids)

i was reminded of this because i just had a phone call that left me dumbstruck!

yes,indeed there are characters on earth.

i’m not going to do a tell all, but it would be fun sharing those extremely hilarious in most cases,surprising in some and generally stuff that has left me short of breath and wondering at human beings.

i’ve had so much of these, you cant help but blame me when all i have to talk about is marriage.



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