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unprotected sex..

Guilty As charged…
Or as innocent as a lamb.
Did whizkid really get a girl knocked up?
Has he stuck to his denial?
Well,the entire episode of which I am not the best of informed persons brings to mind the fact that he actually went skinny dipping in a pool..
A very patent pool..
Hmm..doubt if he would have thought she had some infection that had rendered her infertile.
But seriously though..
I know the last thing on anyone’s mind when there is orgasmic potential staring at you is that the act is the same exact way babies are made..
A female Having an orgasm actually propels the sperm forward and contracts the uterus helping them wrigglies swim up to meet the lucky egg…
Hmmmm…..the sex was good right?
She came .x_x
Which guy actually thinks of the fact that he is about to make a baby..not get some action.
In this age and time where unmarried people brazenly discuss sex and allied matters like it was perfectly normal to be trying for babies outside a family structure.
(my opinion is that sex should be within the confines of marriage)
If making sex wasn’t fun and associated with the release of all those endorphins and mini many people would still indulge?
It would be a chore..u did popped..boom!
The issue here is not that..
I am worried
And this is the source of my worry.
If you could get a girl pregnant or even have sex with her in such a manner as to warrant a claim of pregnancy..then you never considered HIV?
Syphilis?hepatitisB and C?HPV?
these are all diseases with potentially fatal and known fatal outcomes..
All could be transferred in the space of precum to orgasm and back..
Touching and meeting of genitals and body fluid shared within the intercourse.
So does this mean that wizkid was in a relationship with the girl and so they both knew the other was clean?
Probably had some health check before tanning and pool dipping?
Or they just assumed as most people do that because so and so is clean and fine..
They can’t possibly be infected with any diseases?
Well…this is an age long issue..
My dad has always expressed worry about it when young girls come fretting about the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy and without the slightest worry of the fact that the sperm which brought about the pregnancy could also have carried some viruses along with the package..
When are our youth going to ever sit up and realise that when HIV hits…or hepatitis it will be too late to be sorry..
It will be the start of a checked life..
When will they realise that if they must have sex they should use condoms at all times?
Well…I hope someone makes a decision today about it..
The least you can do is help yourself
Since we live in a selfish world’let’s face our personal problems
Ladies please don’t ever think its shameful to have your own condoms..
Don’t leave your life to probability and think if the guy doesn’t have one..then you shouldn’t use one..
You have a right to have protected intercourse
Learn to like it like that with condoms if you have to do it.
Skinny dipping currently has no advantages.
Guys, regardless of how hot a chic she won’t be losing your guy man ways by using a condom.
If she insists on not using one…you have to take a stand and not have a swim.
Everyone should wise up.
All these tales of getting someone pregnant should be left in the immediate post independence era.


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