A friend makes fish pepper soup for me when I’m sick
A friend walks long distances just to be with me and do something that really doesn’t make much sense
A friend holds my hand when I’m shaking with a fever and tells me everything will be alright
A friend watches me through all of my sickness praying silently for me
A friend looks at me with concern in her eyes.
A friend shares all the lovely times with me
I will always have fond memories of meeting you in nysc camp..
And the lovely year we spent together.
Shopping in garki market
Going to church together
Hanging out at yours
Watching big brother
New years breakfast
Talking over the doctors room partitions in DHQ medical centre
Drinking tea in the mornings at work
No a page won’t contain a the memories..
All the sacrifices you made for me
All the ways you cared..
I hold them dear…
love you now and always
Wish you the best in life.


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