o grave where is thy sting?

RIP onome duvie

RIP onome duvie

Sometimes it seems like death comes for the best of the lot on earth…
Today I learnt of the death of onome duvie
A beautiful intelligent girl who graduated doctor at the university of benin
Her father was a consultant in same hospital before his death about some say five or more years ago…
I never knew him.
Her mother died sometime in my final year 2008 or before 2007 when she was in fourth year medicine
She was a staunch christian and dedicated nccmds(Nigerian Christian and dental medical students) member.
Onome was quiet,soft spoken and the kind of girl you would fall in love with and marry..
Today I heard she had been in intensive care unit and passed away..
A prayer chain was started for her 3days ago..
I never heard about it..
Possibly because I’ve been absorbed in my own life…
But she has paSsed on..
She had systemic lupus erythematosus..
Funny that I just got off duty and was teaching some medical students about same about an hour ago..
Onome is with God
I am most certain..
Once again…I would ask us all..

Where is your life headed??
Stop think..

A child died in my arms last night..
Oxygen connected..fluids going in
Pumping away at the heart
He still left..
Many leave the earth
But death has no sting and the grave no victory
When they go to be with God
The salvation of God has ensured this one has gone to be with the lord..
An orphan who has left four siblings behind
May God change their story
And may his light continually shine on their path..
In life and in death onome,you remain a victor..
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


3 thoughts on “o grave where is thy sting?”

  1. It hurts very terribly till the heart nearly breaks when a loved one passes on.
    It reminds me of my own experience more than 2 and 15 years ago.
    I have comfort in the fact that pleasant in the sight of God is the death of His saint. We cry but he smiles when His saint goes home to be with Him.
    Who are we going to meet when we depart from this scene?
    That should give us enough reason to ponder on the direction our lives are heading. It is very possible to forget where we are going because of our earthly pursuits. I thank God that he cautioned me on this fact 2 days ago.
    Let’s hold on to God very tightly and handle the things on earth with loose grip so that we can meet God. Please ponder on your readiness to meet God and make necessary preparations to meet your God…Amos 12:4

    Daniel Ayodele


  2. this is so touching. just made me shed more tears. she was my cousin, one of my favorite cousins. I still do not understand why she had to go, i may never do. But on behalf of my family, thanks for the thought behind this. thank you.


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