New site alert – Gogo Lush

http://gogolush.com/ The most amazing Jewellery site I've seen in a long time. I want everything on there. At 9.95 dollars international shipping, plans shall be made. Best part, some stuff is made of sterling silver so if you're not so into costume Jewellery like me there's a consolation. Whoopppppp. Feed your eyes in an organised… Continue reading New site alert – Gogo Lush

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sites that ship to Nigeria.

Here's a list of some sites I know that ship to nigeria as a valentine gift to you all. I already sharedbglowing Shipping is $56 Usps spacenk - cult beauty products. High end beauty stuff. Shipping is £15 asos - clothes Free shipping funky fly romwe-funky clothes Free shipping rings and tings.- Clothes and punk… Continue reading sites that ship to Nigeria.