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First thoughts – caudalie polyphenols range

Hey guys, What's cracking? In my little corner, I'm indulging in some caudalie goodness. Just In case you haven't, meet the caudalie brand here and here on their website If you follow me on instagram here you would have seen first pictures of my caudalie set the day it came and credits to the source.… Continue reading First thoughts – caudalie polyphenols range

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@Lookfantastic and @Elleuk

I had put a long post up regarding this issue but was so upset then I took it down and decided to wait for more proof of evidence. Look fantastic started selling elle magazine in April. I bought that issue as soon as it came out. It came with a few gift coupon cards in… Continue reading @Lookfantastic and @Elleuk


Maxi peel tretinoin

Maxi peel tretinoin is a clever product. There's 3 in the range starting with a soap, cream with sunscreen which contains glycolic acid and this number 3 in the line up which has 4% hydroquinone and.025% retinol derivative. This is a powerful combination of products that will lighten skin and retinol will help to build… Continue reading Maxi peel tretinoin

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Easter holiday haul

I'm so late with this post seeing as Easter was so long ago in April. We were on strike ( story,story)  so I got to spend some time with my brother in Abuja. He's used to my shop trolling ways so he didn't really mind. Whenever I enter a new city or one I have… Continue reading Easter holiday haul


Today's Look.

Looking different today I did my makeup myself Quite a bit of products I used. Gum was hurting so I am not looking bright and cherry plus I just got back from a night shift at the E.R Dress- Sara Kelly Earings - Avon Purse -new look Makeup Primer - La roche posay effaclar duo… Continue reading Today's Look.

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Efik wedding, happy married life makamba.

My friend got married yesterday and I thought to share the rich memories of the day with you all. Efik culture is so amazing. A lot of colour and glamour. It feels so nice to have and enjoy something so beautiful. Here's a picture of the brides first look. Considering the colonial masters of Nigeria… Continue reading Efik wedding, happy married life makamba.