Ecclesiastes 8:11

11 Because punishment for an evil work comes not quickly, the minds of the sons of men are fully given to doing evil. This is why evil continues in our society. Because God is not swift to punish. But not for long. The day of judgement fast approaches. Love and shopping

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eyelash growth potions and lash curlers

I've been fascinated with eyelashes forever. My first makeup purchase was clear mascara. I still remember how excited I was applying it to my overly curled eyelashes. So curled that it's practically pointless using mascara but It's still my best makeup item. It was only a matter of time before I discovered eyelash growth potions.… Continue reading eyelash growth potions and lash curlers


Avon solutions power vibes review

My first use of a mechanized facial cleaner of any sort was this avon solutions power vibes facial cleaner. Although this isn't a brush, it uses the same principle of operation. Applying mechanical force to the skin to exfoliate and loosen the cells by breaking down the bonds between them causing them to fall off… Continue reading Avon solutions power vibes review