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Asos shopping -Nigeria

A full post dedicated to asos shopping has now become a necessity.
My first Asos order was in early 2012
I’ve made orders at least once a month since then.

This information isn’t provided by asos but based solely on my experience with shopping on there.

1. Asos is based in the UK.
They have other country sites but I’ve always bought on the uk site.

2. Asos accepts nigerian cards that have been issued on an international platform.
– mastercard and visa.
Don’t use verve cards. Verve is nigerian only.

3. Your cards will be charged in naira at the going rate of the pound sterling on the day you make your purchase.
Meaning- if the pound is 246 , that’s what you pay.
If its 290 ( it happened to me oh) that’s what you’ll pay.

4. Asos offers free shipping to Nigeria and free returns.
This means if you do not like what you get for any reason, you can return it.
You will pay for shipping back to them and scan your reciept and they will pay you back in pounds, credited to the card you registered on their site.
Kindly use nipost if you want to make returns. Its cheaper.

5.Free shipping for asos . You chose standard delivery at checkout .
your order will go through royal mail in the UK and then be passed on to NiPOst when it gets to nigeria.
You will likely get

A – a calling card from nipost to come to their office and pick your parcel
B. They drop it off themselves
C. A courier company calls or drops it off.

6 . You are responsible for custom duties incurred on your parcel.
The usual thing is for customs to open the parcel and inspect based on the form C22 asos uses to ship.
That means parcels can be opened officially .
By customs oh, Not nipost!
Some courier companies have now taken to charging exhorbitant rates in the name of duties incurred for shipping and customs.
Those are lies and attempts at defrauding you.
Ideally, for anything less than 30,000naira and personal use, import duties are waived.
This is from experience but I will confirm with the appropriate authorities.
I have never paid more than 2,000naira on duties and that was because the courier company was extortionist.
Express shipping is available at 20pounds. I’ve never used it
Someone who did recently got her order in 5days and was asked to pay 3,500 duties by the courier co.

7. It takes almost a month for most first orders to reach you.
Subsequently, the waiting time reduces.
Please be patient with orders.
Asos can be reached on twitter-
Handle is @asos and @asos_heretohelp
You can always send a message on the site as well.
Refunds and replacements are made if an order is truly missing.
This is one reason why I still use asos.

I hope this post helps someone out there, take advantage of the 50% off now and do some asos-ing.
I’m available to help with any issue regarding your orders, etc.

I saw on the site today that only orders more than £500 would enjoy free express delivery.
Prior to now I got orders from about £80 free.
I guess Nigerians are hopping on asos and we have shown our spending prowess.
So yes, asos delivers to nigeria for free and you can shop with whatever amount you have.
Your purchase will come through and if it doesn’t, you can always get a refund or replacement.
I order frequently and my last purchases were £8 and £13 respectively. It doesn’t matter how much you spend.
Shipping is free.
There’s always a sale, discount or freebie.