Ibom air & luggage weighing – I sprained my wrist

Let’s just say I don’t know if this policy was invented on the spot but in December I flew with ibom air.

Their staff told me on arrival at the airport that they will not help me weigh my bags. The trolley guys were also not allowed into their barricaded enclosure so I was left on my own. I tried to weigh these bags myself -20kg and 11kg

The staff a male and then a female behind him were laughing and gisting at their insider jokes. I won’t lie guys I struggled with this bag while the guy was watching me. I even asked him to step back to avoid injury as I had to fling the box on the scale. Yes, fling it while supporting it with my knee. By the time I was done I couldn’t lift my little bag which had sweaters in it. My hand was in pain. By the time I boarded I couldn’t even pick up a bottle of water which is asked for and waited 30-40mins to get one.

It’s been about two weeks and I’ve done X-rays, seen two doctors and bought three wrist support devices. I’ve just had to order another on Walmart and another on Amazon.

I feel really hurt 😞 air travel in Nigeria is quite like they are doing you a favour. Do you know I emailed these people and they never replied rather their airport manager called me and besides saying the usual sorry that doesn’t solve anything he said it is unusual for their staff not to help out with luggage! He also said he found it strange that i could just sustain an injury like that. You guys , the pain! In my wrist. That’s all I’ll say for now. I pray it gets better and I’ll update about that. People are mean and deceitful. I booked this airline because of the higher luggage allowance but seeing that airpeace now has new planes , it’s over with ibom air and me. In March/April/may I took at least 10 flights all airpeace. I travelled a whole lot then because of job hunting and visa movement. This ibom air business in 2022 was because of luggage ooooo and then the last two flights I made to abuja for visa biometrics and it has never been that I was asked to weigh my box myself. In addition , you know how airline staff can be very rude – Arik air especially ? Ibom air staff are learning that rudeness swiftly – I asked this fellow how much is the excess luggage cost and he offhandedly replied me that I should go and queue up at the counter and they will tell me. I ask the lady at the counter what’s the max for hand luggage I can carry , she refers me to the luggage guy so he “ can advise me”

On the side, their staff are checking passengers in for a fee on the side shunting the queue, they even carried an appointees box all the way to security screening upstairs, yet their manager tells me it is strange and unusual.

Excess baggage fee with ibom air is 800/kg and economy allowance is 20kg

Air peace excess baggage fee is 1000/kg and economy allowance is 15kg

It’s either I had a sign on my head saying treat me badly or these people are just RUDE !

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll post the photos of all the hand braces I got and maybe turn it into an expert review post eh


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