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Another shoptomydoor wahala

At this point I’m just wondering how I got to trust a business like this with my property.

I cannot even start with the continuous emailing that goes on with them.

It’s either I ship too many items when they don’t even handle my business needs as I have a cargo company I use for my business or I am just too demanding.

I need suggestions.

Am I such a demanding person ?

My warehouse is mixed up 

Dollar shave club delivery in sephora slot 

Staff arguing with me that dollar shave is sephora like they cannot read. When my order finally shipped they said oh, sorry.

They have broken my items and claimed now that it is customs and please help me read this.

I have been asking them for two weeks where is my order.

This is the reply.

I have coffee there. 

They are asking if I want the broken items or a replacement. 

decide what to do. 

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