Freebies at skinplus calabar

Hello people,
Just thought to drop a note about some of the items which we have had up for giveaway to anyone who wants them

1. Blue house of tara eyeliner pencil in adire

2. Olay eye firming gel

3. Avon anew face wash 50mls

4. Olay face brush (pre.owned)

5. Avon anew face cream 15ml pots x 2

6. Hydroquinone + retinol cream – liquid same formulation as obagi

7. Oriflame toner

There are no rules.
If you want any of these items just stop by the shop and say you want to pick up a free item and get it.
If you will pay for shipping outaide calabar, we will gladly send to you.


5 thoughts on “Freebies at skinplus calabar”

  1. Hi dear. Great blog. Just discovered it today. Please i would like the olay face brush, if its still Available. In Lagos but willing to pay for delivery. Thanks.


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