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Giveaway news and what's new


I had an impromptu giveaway on instagram a few months ago and these two packages were sent to the winners.
First two comments on a picture I posted.
So one went to @ruudsoso and one to @deevadoc
So so got the item I posted which is the asiam daily butter conditioner while deevadoc got an Avon ultra colour lippie in red velvet and the Avon excercisegyro ball.

I’m thinking of doing another giveaway but I need to be certain it will be well received or I may just stick to instagram.
Besides new products I have a couple of samples I would also like to share.
If you want me to do the giveaway here, kindly Drop a comment.

I would also love to know any particular skin concerns you have so you could mention it down there in the comment box and I may just pack some samples up for you.

The last issue is products I’ve used a bit of but didn’t like.
If you wouldn’t mind trying them too, leave a note.
I dont mind trying stuff someone else has used unless it’s in a jar but if it is la mer… lol. I don’t mind at all.
Okay  people I want to know what you think.
lets chat.

Love and shopping


8 thoughts on “Giveaway news and what's new”

  1. Hi, nice blog. So my skin concern is rather “different”. I’m trying to darken my face — got too light from trying to treat hyperpigmentation. So now it’s just a yellow face with dark spots still. Sigh.

    I hear native/traditional soaps may aid darkening; do you know where I can get this in calabar, ph or benin?


    1. Hi dear. We have the same problem. I went a shade lighter and just from clearasil pads. I just leave my skin to be the way it is and I think you should do same. Black soaps will just make u fresher and lighter or maintain what u have. Dont just bother yourself. Qhat worked for me eventually was a holiday and a serious tan but im back to that lighter shad again after some breakouts


  2. I’ve left it for a while now- almost 2 years even- and nothing is returning the colour. Even things that used to darken me dont darken me anymore. I think my skin now thinks this is its natural complexion sigh.


    1. Oh wow. Then perhaps u will enjoy your new skintone. LoL. Tanning lotions can help though if it worries u so much. Im expecring on in my lf beauty box so maybe will buzz u if u want to tow that canoe


  3. Please do a giveaway on the blog oooh….. I’m oily skinned but sometimes its feels dehydrated. I’m interested in any hydrating masks or treatments you might have…Thannnnk you.


  4. Hi, my major skin problem is hyperpigmentation. I have oily/combination skin I think, I’m light-skinned. Just want to know the skin care regimen I should stick to. Thanks in advance


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