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Some Asos delivery news

OK people
This is a short public service announcement

Asos now charges £3 for delivery on orders below £15
I think this is way overdue LOL.
So no grumbling about it.
This means your deliveries to Nigeria from asos will only be free if you have orders above £15
Uk customers have been paying so we might as well too.

I’m one of those people who orders every little thing I like hardly waiting to consolidate and I’ve enjoyed the free delivery very well.
This just means no more impulse buying and although good for me I don’t know how it will work out for them.
I got some orders overdue so i went in on the site to check and noticed I was charged as far back as June 6th.
Got talking to them on and they confirmed it

People are in business to make money so I love that they have taken this bold step.
This just means asos shipping is free to Nigeria and other international destinations only on orders above £15
wishing y’all some more happy shopping.

Love and shopping


4 thoughts on “Some Asos delivery news”

      1. Hey how you doing, stumble on your post when I was googling how to order thing online. Am a novice were online shopping is concern, but I want to try my hands @ it. The issue I have is with my address to fill in when I shop online, should I address it to the nearest post office or should I address it directly to my street? Heard putting your house address can get your order mixed up, especially when google dosnt have your street on map ( read that somewhere:D. So how do I solve this addressing issue? Thanks 🙂


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