how she became HER!

Is this how it should feel?
Revulsion filled her up slowly as Kunle bit on her breasts….
Drawing up the areola into his mouth..
Timi was oblivious to everything but her thoughts.
Her mind was spinning
What was he doing?
It felt good and bad at the same time.
She had never let him even touch her breasts before today.
What had started out as playful cuddling had progressed into necking and petting
He had kissed her endlessly until she felt dizzy.
The movie they had been watching was still rolling by in scenes on his TV.
She felt a cool sensation on her flat abdomen.
The one she had so often admired several times in the bathroom mirror..
She thought she was beautiful
Kunle Thought so too.
He was making a trail downwards from her ribcage to her lower abdomen.
Suddenly her thoughts were broken.
Something was on her legs.
His weight.
Her underwear was pulled downwards.

“no kunle I don’t want to do this”

She struggled with him.
Feeble attempts at throwing off his huge frame.
Huge to her bare slim 55kg of weight.
He pressed her down and kissed her.
She realised she didn’t really love this person he had become
The kisses make her want to puke.
But she couldn’t.
He was biting her lip.
His breath had become heavy.
She wondered how she had lost her jeans.
He was pressing into her inner thigh.
It felt alien.
she didn’t bother looking
All she knew was she didn’t want to lose her virginity.
There was little reason to keep it
She didn’t know what better she would do however than keep it.
She struggled some more.
Kunle was everything butterflies could be.
He had made her tummy flutter.
And clench.
She had fallen for him through endless calls and midnight chats.
She remembered when she’d first met him.
Thoughts broken again.
He was probing her with his fingers..

”but baby..I want you!
“Why you keep refusing me I don’t understand” “Open your legs!”

It almost sounded like a feral growl.
She pushed at him some more.
He choose that same moment to burst into her hymen.
The pain tore through her.
This wasn’t how she had imagined it would be.
He was raping her
He was defiling her
The guy she loved!
Slowly the tears started falling.
The self loathing began.

Date rape..
A silent disease that is far more common than we choose to imagine
You think she’s doing the walk of shame,she’s realising that her word means nothing
She’s hating herself
She’s feeling worthless
She trusted you..
How do guys feel when they force themselves on someone they claim to love ?
Someone should help us understand this.
What pushes the men to do this.
What do they think when hatching the grand plan.
What do they hope to achieve.
What can we say to women who have constantly fallen victim to situations like this.
We need to speak up..
We need to talk about it.


2 thoughts on “how she became HER!”

  1. It’s never right to make someone to do something against his/her will. The reason why a guy would rape a girl is irrelevant, not worth understanding. It’s not right, and will never be right…


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