Little sample reviews 

I got a number of samples last year.

All the l’occitane was from the airport.

Generous nice girls at IAH. So , I didn’t get down to using the until this year not in a big hurry. 

L’occitane is a brand i especially love a lot. I tried out the shea hand cream I’ve used a bigger size before and as usual it was thick, moisturising and fantastically done.
I never used the almond milk before.I didn’t like the smell but it was light and also moisturises too but not as much as the hand cream. Of course hand creams are meant to be thicker and this is for body.

I used the immortelle cream about 3 years ago and I liked it although i found it too thick for my face. Then I was always scared of breaking out. I used this on my hands and my body and it still has the beautiful soothing smell i knew of it before. None of them actually causes breakouts so I was just being cautious. 

The price point is a huge limiting factor or one of these would have been my staple. 

That said,I’m working on the ultimate body butter and it’s almost perfect.

I also got these pant liners called poise. 

I found them very comfortable and I thought to just share in case yout come across them and you want to try them. 

I got the entire pack of 3 variants for 99ç.they have a product for bladder leakage. For women who have dveloped incontinence and have leaks during the day.

Just thought to share my little sample reviews with you. 

Have you tried any product from  l’occitane ? 

Do you know anyone who suffers from bladder incontinence ? How do they manage it ? Share with us. 

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My night time facial routine

I rotate frequently between products I’m trying out and my staples but here is a typical night time routine for me. 

If you’ve been following the blog, you will recognise my holy grail products.  

This is routine number 1. 

Lazy and simple. Gets the job done avoids breakouts. 

Julep, love your bare face for dissolving makeup is a blend of natural only oils.

Equate version of neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub is a 2% salicylic acid faciAl wash / scrub which ensures no dead skin cells will be falling into my pores and cleans them out.  I usually leave this on for about a minute.
To the bioderma I gave added glycolic acid so it’s more or less a  5% glycolic solution like the pixi glow tonic. I have figured our various ways to get the acid on without the pocket breaking. 

If you want to try my diy toners with pixi effects just buzz me. 

Walgreens benzoyl peroxide 10%. I find that although more expensive at $7 the walgreens version is actually microionised. It works big time. 

I have various other routines and I rotate products a lot so I will be sharing.

For info on shopping these items in your physical location in Nigeria,dtop a comment.

What’s your night time facial staple ? I need to discover some more products. Please share. 

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Treating acne- pimples. 

It’s really simple if you know the science behind it.

When you realise however that almost every company making skincare products knows the science and starts out with it but sometimes you don’t get desired results for reasons I’ve mentioned in a previous post. 

Then again,  that’s why I take the pain to review almost every product I use,  from testers to full size just so you do not make that mistake of buying something with right reasoning but a little flawed.

Now, for people with acne,  a lot of your options depends on your age and scarring as well as other associated conditions of your skin.

Nothing replaces a dermatological assessment and nothing replaces a carefully tailored skincare regimen after consultation.

A general rule for a skincare regimen is the basic 3

  1. Wash
  2. Toner
  3. Treatment 

You must follow these steps to see any improvement in your skin.

This means you have to use these 3 steps as building blocks for whatever regimen you want to follow.

Other steps can be added as mini rituals to the 3. Whatever you put on your face is either cleaning it, toning it or treating it.

WashING is so important. This is where clogged pores start and not with oil production as is regularly touted. If you produce enough oil to fry stuff on your stuff but you wash it away, does it cause any harm in the end ? No. 

Okay. Starting carefully I don’t advocate all that use of oil free cleanser and blah blah because your skin will only become drier and then produce more oil.

Don’t believe that oil free hype. 

A wrongly formulated oil free wash will set your pocket back and keep you with breakouts intact. 

Does it really matter ? Yes,but not as much as you are led to believe. I’ve used a lot of these items and believe me , its not that serious.

Wash your face with even the simplest of simples. A bar soap .. liquid soap is always better because it covers more areas. 

In this regard, there’s a fabulous brand whose facial soap is to die for. It doesn’t smell like what you would think soap should and I don’t mind ebcause fragrance doesn’t do much to help your skin. It’s ecopantryskincare. Check out their facial bars here and even though it will set you back a bit, you’re getting more bang for your buck Instagram link. Try their facial bar soaps. Then there’s a whole lot of natural soap artisans on social media now and this gives you options. Suggestions are to go for charcoal and tea tree soaps. Charcoal will lift dirt and tea tree will kill bacteria. Perfect right ? Yes!

I love dettol soap for people who are on a budget and who need to choose one or two serious items to focus on in their regimen. 

Wash your face of all makeup and all dirt acquired during the day. Dettol has a lovely even tone soap with apricot bits. I say dettol because it has antibacterial agents in it. This helps to kill the bacteria lying on the skin waiting to get into the pores. The idea of washing is to get the surface dirt off and perhaps if you can afford some thing more, move up to a specific acne or facial wash.  Always look out for exfoliants  in your wash. I listed them out in the post on facial washes.

If you use makeup and cannot afford to get micellar water or a blend of oils for oil cleansing then I suggest a tub of shea butter some  of  which you rub some on your palms and then on your face with hands then wash, makeup comes off real easy. Do not use coconut oil for this business. It doesn‘t have enough natural acids in it to perform this function.  Shea butter is cheap and is everywhere.  Remember it has to smell nutty.

Toning is a very important step and this alone can help you beat breakouts. Many people skip this step but please, Don’t .

An acid based toner is best. I will address this rose hydrosol and other hydrosols used for toning. If you have problem skin,please skip the drama and keep it for after you have treated your skin.

Hydrosols are good when you have sorted out your main issue. Witch hazel is also a good toner  but if you have acne skin, do not run away from the truth. You need that acidic based toner to slough off cells and open your pores for whatever treatment , serum, hydrosol you eventually use to work. 
Alcohol based toners are not the devil.please do not regard them as so. Alcohol dissolves the oil in your pores and if you cannot afford pixi glow then why will you allow your face become a crater ?

 Please and please, use a  toner. 

Diy formula will be up soon. 

Swish and swipe with Cotton wool repeatedly until you get clean wool. 

Last step is to  Apply treatment.

This could be benzoyl peroxide,retinol or any other fancy item you please.  There is no diy swap for this one,invest your money in your skin.

 good products are not always the expensive ones.  Do check out This post on acne creams a list of products you can use. 

I’m always available for a chat.

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Tatcha rice enzyme powder -classic review

Hi everyone.
Today I review a product that was on my wish list for a very long time.
I really wanted to try this out and I eventually did.
Tatcha is what I would call a cult skincare brand.
It’s one of those brands you probably won’t hear about but is just making the raves and those who use it know exactly why they stick to it.
Tara harper is another cult beauty brand but more wildly popular.
Perhaps the acid popularity is helping that too.

Tatcha is inspired by the geishas of Japan , is a natural brand and their products are inspired to give non irritating luxury skincare.


I got a 50g-100g size of the rice enzyme powder from sephora last year.
I still have it until now although I used it very frequently at the beginning and then after a while like all junkies are wont to, moved on to something else.

Recently I revisited the powder and have used it consistently.
This is what I have to say –

Tatcha rice enzyme powder
Tatcha rice enzyme powder

It comes in this cute little bottle with a sliding lock.
And that’s the powder there.

It’s extra gentle.
I can’t begin to describe how this powder feels.
You wet your hands, put a teaspoon on your hands and work up some lather then wash your face.
I have used it as a mask as well.

It cleans dirt and makeup effectively.
Most people who are into skincare do a double or three step cleanse.
I especially barely use facial powder ir foundation so it’s mostly the days dirt and grime I need to get off
This was usually followed by neutrons pink grapefruit scrub
Or preceeded by julep bare your face oil cleanse which I will review soon.

I love that there isn’t too much of a story behind the ingredients here.
Komenucha,pearl and I think a patented complex hadasei-3
It’s as simple as simple can be and as luxurious as taking care of your skin should be.
Used as a scrub which I did as well, I also found it to be very effective.
And it didn’t leave my skin dry afterwards.

Is this something I would repurchase ?
I doubt so.
Why ?
I just feel that after trying this I have sated the appetite and I don’t see a need for a product that costs this much if it isn’t adding to an anti aging regime for me at this time.
I will enjoy what’s left of it and perhaps should I find myself in the mood to splurge on skincare I will be trying the indigo collection from tatcha.
Did you see that there ?
Now you know why I won’t be buying this.
I got my eye on something else.  The tatcha deep rice enzyme powder for oily skin I have a feeling that will have the wow factor.
Glory to the day when I actually stick to one product faithfully.
If I had to give you some advice though it would be this.
Serums are the best splurge for your skin.
Experiment all you want but when you want to spend the big bucks,  tatcha radiant brightening serum or the overnight memory cream. You don’t want to know how much it costs.

Tatcha deep rice enzyme powder. Image from tatcha.com
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Alba botanica acne dote review


I review a great find in a retinue of facial toners worldwide.
I say worldwide because when it comes to toners there isnt such a wild market for them.
They arent so many if you ask me.
I bought this toner from marshalls in the usa and I havent readily found this brand in nigeria on our shelves.
Alba botanica is an all natural line kf skincare products without parabens, pthalates and other known skin irritants.
This contains salicylic acid at 2%, witch hazel and thats about it.
Comparable to my trusted clearasil pads I found this to be a very good toner.
It doesnt clear out marks as quickly as I would like but it certainly works.
It dries out acne flat.
It is one of the best toners I have used in my life.
I am not mincing words with this.
It also has some alcohol so it will sting a bit but listen, if it deals with my acne and it has alcohol I do not mind.
The breakouts have been over the top of recent its unbelievable.
This acne dote helped out a whole lot and now.i have emptied the bottle I regret shipping its replacement by sea.
There will be bottles of acne dote at skinplusng calabar.
I love it that much.
When it is good, you dont have to talk too much.

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Running a business..

Any business.
Not just a fledgling one in Nigeria.
This is not a blog post.
Unfortunately, if you were expecting me to dish out on the things you thought you were going to hear, I’m so sorry.

It is rather a  thank you post.
To everyone who reads this blog and comments,those of you who have patronised skinplus,encouraged us and kept us going even when we wanted to quit because believe me there were those times.
The post you thought I was writing will come. It surely will.
There are a lot of lessons I have learnt and still am.
A lot of disappointments and new knowledge gained thereof.
By the special grace of God we will still be here in many years to come.

A few tips
A.Register your business name with the cac.
Total cost is about 12,000 naira.
Without this you cannot get a corporate account.

B. Get a tax pin from firs or state irs
C. Make a seal/stamp for your business

1.Unless you have money to spend, diy can work just fine for you.
I paid someone called impressions grafix akita ita to make a logo for me.
One year later, no functional logo.
We are still talking about corrections to be made on the first samples he sent which were never made despite clearing up the said areas he didnt understand.
The logo I use now I made online and downloaded a jpg, and other file formats.
Some people charge as much as 50,000naira for logo design.
If you have enough to spare by all means, do so. If you do not please google is your friend.

2. Web hosting
If you have the time, find a host like wordpress.org that offers ecommerce integrated into the sites so all you need are plugins. It costs 2.95 monthly in dollars to host and use wordpress.org but there is a free paypal checkout with it.
For those of you who have paypal nigeria you can’t accept payments but contact me to find out how you can open a paypal us account.

Shopify is a good webhost that carries a large number of shops but costs $12 monthly.
A startup can’t afford that unless you are selling something serious and you have the sales to boot.
I personally was unable to keep up with my payments by the second month because I had not finished setting up the store. The second time my trial got extended on the wrong store but I still kept my domain name.

You can upload products yourself on a site hosted by a bigger company
If you do not have money to fund payment solutions, open a corporate account with gtb and enroll on the sme hub.
Diamond bank has an sme hub and although my business account is domiclled with them, I will be using gtb sme hub.it is the most reliable means of getting your products online cost effectively.
There are other website builders and servers in nigeria but I do not have experience with them.
In terms of customer care and support I do not know how they will fare.
With shopify I can send up to 5 emails daily which are responded to immediately and they give you clear instructions on what to do.
I have been able to do some things I never thought possible because I am not originally an info tech person.

3. Have mentors.
There is a difference between someone you admire and someone who mentors you.
Please take note of this.
In this regard, I will say
I have gotten tips and pointers and help from sizzelle of sizzling mummy
She has been of the most help to me. If she wasnt so far away I am most certain she would have been the agony aunt.
I also have gotten a lot of help from natural nigerian.
After the first nitc she trusted me enough to have my products in my store for which I am grateful.
I appreciate brands (indigenous) who turned me down when I asked to stock their products for whatever reason.
Those incidents made me realise I had to work harder to be where I want skinplus to be.
The bigger foreign brands are more friendly towards starters and they always reply you with information you need.
I find that stocking nigerian products is more stressful than foreign ones.
It is nice to build a business that doesnt depend on importation but despite how much I really want to be indigenous and all, you are less likely to be turned down by a foreign brand.
This is the truth.
I have had talks with a number of people some who have called me up and others I contacted. There are times when you hear the minimum purchase for wholesale prices and you give up.
When you consider that some of those businesses are starting out too you think she needs money too and I don’t have that money to do this. You give up.
Some brands actually lower their minimum for you to start off with and someone like nn was a great help to me.
In recent times a lot of help has come through tony elumelu foundation, you win and she leads africa for both mentoring and capital for business. I havent benefited from any of these programmes but it certainly gives me hope.

4.On that note, every business requires capital without which you are stuck.
Unless people are paying for your services, it will be difficult.
A business that offers services in order to grow, will grow fast.
If you have something related to what you choose to do that xan be offered for sale,by all means make something out of it.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.if you dont have mega startup capital go slowly.
It took bmpro years of hard work to get to where she is.

5. Social media.
Interact, open social media accounts, sell yourself and your brand.
Social media comes here because I met those two people I mentioned on social media.

6. Be willing to sacrifice for your business. Dont live big and spend big when you have not achieved something worthwhile.
I really like banke meshida for this. Despite how successful she is, she never seems overdressed, flaunting property or assesories or living large.
There is a trick to this. The people you serve don’t want to look like they are beneath your class because you need their money.
If you keep yourself way up there, you will not only lose out on the potential clients but you will eat up all your capital.
Nobody like hautiness and pride.
Keep it simple for the sake if your business.

7. Tax and bills
Every business is out to make money.
In the first few years, you really wont be making any.
It may be different but there are bills to pay. You need to be sure you can oay those bills. Keep serious.
Stay abreast of your obligations to the government.

This isnt by any means all of what I have learnt in the time I have been doing skinplusng.
There is a lot more and I am also willing to learn extra.

This month, we will be doing a giveaway.
As the blog and as a business.
Do keep your eyes open for that.
Thank you!

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Giveaway news and what's new


I had an impromptu giveaway on instagram a few months ago and these two packages were sent to the winners.
First two comments on a picture I posted.
So one went to @ruudsoso and one to @deevadoc
So so got the item I posted which is the asiam daily butter conditioner while deevadoc got an Avon ultra colour lippie in red velvet and the Avon excercisegyro ball.

I’m thinking of doing another giveaway but I need to be certain it will be well received or I may just stick to instagram.
Besides new products I have a couple of samples I would also like to share.
If you want me to do the giveaway here, kindly Drop a comment.

I would also love to know any particular skin concerns you have so you could mention it down there in the comment box and I may just pack some samples up for you.

The last issue is products I’ve used a bit of but didn’t like.
If you wouldn’t mind trying them too, leave a note.
I dont mind trying stuff someone else has used unless it’s in a jar but if it is la mer… lol. I don’t mind at all.
Okay  people I want to know what you think.
lets chat.

Love and shopping

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Murad skincare


Murad skincare is the first American doctor owned brand.
The company prides itself on leading and cutting edge innovation in skincare and recipes that have stayed true to the ideals of the original founder Dr.Howard Murad.
Superior formulas
Personalised care
The all inclusive healthy lifestyle are the core principles of the brand.
I recently got the featured set from murad skincare.
Purchased it on sale from bathandunwind, they ship to Nigeria because I’ve been looking to do stuff for my
Skin as regards fine line and crow feet.
I’m still working on definitive reviews for the eye creams i’m using. These things take time.
All murad products come in the three essential steps
That’s why they have a lot of kits.

The resurgence range is for aging.
The murad set has
One step two toner
One step two treatment age diffusing serum and two step three protect moisturisers which are actually sunscreen.
This is a first look so expect how we fared in a bit.
Have you tried any murad products before?
Their acne kit is really cool.
What say you?

Love and shopping

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Avon youth restore firming face cream

This is one cheap but uhhuhmazing 100mls of good stuff.
The Avon youth care firming face cream has-

Hydrolysed elastin
Grape seed extract

This is what you find as single ingredients in entire brands/product lines.
I’m using this on my body as I’ve always had fine lines on the back of my legs and my hands.
I’ve used a whole lot of stuff and if I’d been doing reviews all along,  you’d get lost in this blog.
I like this cream and I think you will too for your body.. I’m placing the emphasis well.
Very calming and great for night moisturizing especially since it doesn’t have sunscreen and it has retinol.
This is automatically on re- purchase.
Loving eeeeet but not for face which is what it was manufactured for.
it broke me out badly on the two occasions I put it on my face.
Terrible scars left behind for which I’ve been using maxipeel 4% hydroquinine to spot treat (story for another day) and caudalie polyphenols sunscreen fluid.
Perhaps because there’s no serious ingredient that targets pores like salicylic or glycolic.
This is because you can’t use retinol with any of those two or at least within an hour of each other.
It wasn’t developed for acne anyways.

If you want this, you can pre-order but I may have


a tub or two in shop.

Love and shopping


acnefree therapeutic sulfur mask review

Acne free is a brand I met at amah and dee pharmacy in lekki chevy view estate.
The pharmcy is one I’ve raved about continuously here on twitter if you follow me.
I make sure to stop over whenever in Lagos and avail myself of the wonders of that store.
There’s always a surprise.

The mask cost me 800naira
It contains sulphur 3.5% and copper along with vitamin c
I’ve used it for the past months since purchasing it about 3x weekly and it hasn’t failed to impress.

Haven’t seen the brand elsewhere save on amazon usa
They also had acne gel (benzoyl peroxide) which cost 800naira as well.
I love this product and when layered with my neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub it makes for nice clear skin.
I leave on for about 30minutes and follow with water and other treatments.
I prefer this to the queen Helene mint julep mask and I think this is probably what they were put to achieve.

Love it.
Rating 5/5
No nonsense product.
Amazing value.