October sale 

We have a sale every October and this year is no different.  

If you are in calabar,  stop by the shop for

  1. Eos lip balm at 500 naira
  2. Avon nail polish at 500 naira
  3. La girl lip glazed paints
  4. Makeup wedges
  5. Body’s scrubs
  6. Body lotion
  7. Elf Makeup brushes at 1000 naira 
  8. Flat tummy tea 500 naira
  9. Dr. lin hydration fade mask N500 
  10. Dr jart moisture plus N500
  11. Lord and berry eyepencil sharpener N500
  12. Mascara wands 

Skin repair lotion

We now have in store a lotion that is made from all natural and high quality ingredients to repair and fade dark scars from acne, hyperpigmentation,melasma and chemical burns from use of creams.

Our loton is made with

  1. Red raspberry seed oil which has spf 28-50
  2. Almond oil spf 5
  3. Shea butter spf 8
  4. Grapeseed oil
  5. Fruit acids to slowly exfoliate off dead skin cells derived from pineapple, sugarcane and apples
  6. Frankincense known to repair and regenerate skin
  7. Rose absolute oil

It’s available as 80g testers for N500 naira

Stop by the shop,ask for delivery

Call 08036345531


Honey granola in calabar

Honey granola is now available in store and pop up 

It costs N300 for 20g and N500 for 70g

Our granola is a mix of nuts, fruits and seeds.

The first version available is

Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, pineapple,  cashews, cocoa nibs. Flaxseed oil.

Tiger nuts, coconuts, pecans,cashews, hazelnuts , almonds 

Sunflower seeds, black seeds, black puffed rice, cashew nuts, cocoa nibs.

Stop by , pick one or call for delivery 



welcome to our spanking new site

after an entire year of static we have found a home and are closer to fulfilling the dream of a skincare online shop in NIGERIA.

find us for now online


and buzz us for anything you want or need 08036345531


Target beauty box august

Oh dear, beauty boxes.

I will explain

You get samples and sometimes full sized products of stuff to try out after paying a sum of money that cannot buy the individual items together. Thats a summary.
It’s like a beauty trial process
I love beauty boxes because I get to actually try out some of the stuff I want to use without investing in a full size bottle.
When I’m running out of shampoo, beauty box to the rescue. No hair mask ? Same.
No eyeliner ? I’ve never used any of the eyeliners that come with them. He hehe.  Always give them out.

So target launched their beauty box about three months ago.
I think this month september is their third box.
I ordered the box soon as I got in but I wish it was a recurrent subscription because after leaving, i couldnt get anyone to buy the september box for me on time.
Also, the target app is a mess.
A serious mess.

Back to our story.
August box came with  the following items
I had it shipped to the house where I was on vacation. Thanks  aunty nike. I love you adoringly.

1. Clairol hair food mask.. have used this and I love it. Very soft hair afterwards.
2. Cover girl lash blast mascara
3.olay active botanicals face wash 3mls
4.olay active botanicals toner
5. Fekkai hair serum with spf
6.crest 3d whitening strips upper and lower x1
7. $3 pff $15 at target on hair beauty and makeup

This box cost me $7 altogether and I dont need to emphasise how much I think my money was well spent.
Now.looking forward to when I can offer this same joy to everyone around me.
Catch ya.


Braids out, wash day


It wasnt a full on hair wash day like most people who are into hair.
I have tried to keep my hair regimen as simple as possible.
After the last update over a year ago I tried texturising for a long time.
I lost 6inches of hair to that experiment.
Its a long story but it started with the cantu relaxer I reviewed.

I got my hair somewhat under control, breakage had stopped  but I put braids in about 9 weeks ago.
Listen I regularly braid my hair and it has been one of the ways I achieve growth but this was epic.
I lost so much hair today.
I always take braids out dry and comb carefully as each braid comes off.
I usually take them out alone.
No thanks, no help . please
This was a lot so I had some help.
But we used hands only.

It Took a day and some to remove everything and I immediately applied this clairol hair mask pictured above. It is a wonderful mask without parabens or mineral oil.
I kept on with a conditioning cap for 5hours then washed out with ors creamy aloe shampoo and dove soap yep.
The ors has sulphate and I immediately felt the drying effect of it.

I used keracare humecto conditioner as a rinse out then applied eden body works leave in.
Lastly I smoothed a drop or two of the new lottabody setting lotion with shea and coconut oil and I am currently air drying after chopping off one extra inch to control breakage.
My hair is now completely at shoulder level. I still have curly ends from my texturising experiment with the middle relaxed and 1inch of new growth.
I didnt lose my edges or rather, they grew back and I must say I am not going to be obsessed about my hair in a while.
Thank you please.
Here’s pictures of
1. Forever 21 tangle teezer which I use to soread shampoo Into the hair and scrub my scalp.


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Shoptomydoor review

This has been a long time coming.i get a lot of stuff from outside the country.
Both foodstuff I would like to try and other items that are relatively cheaper to buy on my own from outside .

Shoptomydoor is a cargo consolidation service that operates primarily from the us but have warehouses in china and in the uk.
Getting an account is easy and free.
Once you register you get an address and a unit number to which all your parcels are forwarded.
Combined with a paypal account, the world is practically your oyster.
They ship by air and by sea and shipments take approximately two weeks to get to Nigeria.
You have free space for 3weeks after the first parcel arrives.
After 3weeks you pay .1$ per item in the warehouse.

Shipping is quoted immediately your parcel is updated in the warehouse and you pay with a Mastercard; visa, paypal.
Parcels are delivered to your door address or pickup locations around the country.

I have used them several times and this is my 2kobos

1. Customer service difficulties. .a lot of the staff there do not even understand how their business runs so they cannot solve customer problems.

You need to be resilient and very internet savvy to use shoptomydoor
You have to upload invoices, track and ensure that your shipments are consolidated when they ought to be as I have had to repeatedly email them sometimes 2x daily to correct issues.
One of such consolidation issues is still pending as at now.

It can be difficult at first to understand their billing system but eventually you get the hang of it
Sometimes you get replies and I’m sorry to say but you wonder if the person on the other end even thinks.

2. They use dimensional weight which means your parcel may weigh 1kg but you can pay for the weight of 5kg if the dimensions are as so.
Myus.com ships based on weight alone but because they use fedex and ups, it is still the same thing as using shoptomydoor.
All your items are consolidated in one box despite the different dimensions that are measured so you pay per individual dimensions of the box the parcel comes in and then they send everything in a single box. Not fair in my opinion.

3. You need to have Skype installed because you will need to call them at some point if you get frustrated with customer service replying emails but not solving the issue at hand.
I personally feel that they need better cs personnel.
You can also call their cs in nigeria who it appears are better behaved than the ones in the usa.
But the ones in the usa are more knowledgeable about what to do and are able to track orders. The ones in nigeria have a variety of answers and it always goes like this –

A.If you choose inventory (when I didnt)
B. Madam items are uploaded are the end of the next working day (this is 5days later )

4. In the aspect of providing you a forwarding address and giving you freedom to shop from any store that can accept your card, shoptomydoor Is innovative and has managed albeit while struggling and leaving people like me angry half the time to keep afloat in a market where many have failed.

For someone who loves deals and freebies, those pains dont compare to the ability to buy a brush for $1 and have somehwere to ship it to asap.
I have had birchbox for $5, JULEP MAVEN $2.99  and countless other offers which I shipped to shoptomydoor.
I will be posting some of those offers when they come up for whoever may need to use them.

In essence, I think shoptomydoor has a lot of relevance in the marketplace today and I hope they work on being the best by ensuring their customer service is upgraded to at least a 3star experience in terms of the staff understanding how their process works and solving problems adequately.
This month alone-september, I have spent 10skype minutes and 600naira calling shoptomydoor. I emailed them just before posting this about reward points I cashed out when it wasnt up to the minimum to cash out.
There was no notice on the site and I didnt have that knowledge.
Someone replies me that the minimum cash out is 2500 points and then i should wait for a code to be generated.
That was all he had to say. I cashed out three weeks ago and yet no code but that wasnt addressed. You need to send a minimum of two emails to get a straight forward reply from them.
It is a frustrating experience.

I have sent customer care a minimum of 10 emails for september.
Update – if September was bad. October almost gave me hypertension.
I have never been this worried over a shipment before.
I had the store sending replacements of items that have been delivered but not uploaded. I feel so embarrassed.

If you feel the benefits overweigh the cons which I think too because I have no choice, sign up here.
If you are looking for a means of shipping to nigeria that you can manage by yourself as well and you can cope with their 2star customer service, enjoy

Now I must update this saying -I have listed out the good and the bad.
In the village of blind men, the one eyed man is always a king.
If you are unable to understand that
A. the internet is a free place and I have my way with words. I have both applauded this company and pointed out their flaws.
If you feel this well balanced review is not forthcoming of shoptomydoor be free to drop constructive criticism in the comments.

Try them here

Happy birthday Nigeria.
One day we wont need to import anything.

Update – I am trying out a new shipper now called
County cargo – they answer emails promptly and are very polite.
They kbow exactly what their business is about and best of all, they send your cargo to nigeria immediately it arrives.

I am also registered with hont global they are a bit slow at correspondence and registration is very thorough.
I haven’t shipped with them yet but my personal shopper uses them with only a few problems at the lagos end I have had.

Impex worldwide ships from new jersey. They are prompt and offer good service. They are the oldest usa shippers I know.


Bioderma sensibio eau miscelle

I cant get enough of this miscellar water
This is the softest sweetest thing you could use on your skin people. (For now)

So I was on my regular trolling account on instgram, the one where I get to make comments everywhere without people thinking ‘whats wrong with her ‘ and I regularly chip in tafia on carolinehirons posts from that account.
A lot of her followers are on the pixi glow train and I tell you with good effect.
Acid exfoliation can take years off your skin and lines.
So, someone mentioned retinol today and that was how it started.
I remembered I had retinol which I had been judiciously using once upon a time so I went in search of it.
3baskets later, I found it.

Now, my routine sometimes consists of wash face and bath, jump into bed.
This is why I fret about face wash a lot and can do anything for neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub.
Because you cannot use retinol after salicylic acid or glycolic acid for up to an hour, I had to use a different toner for my face.
I don’t like the smell.of witch hazel, I think it doesnt work too so I spotted this bioderma on the table and I’m like thats true, I once used this as toner post face wash.
Ideally, miscellar water is meant to be used pre face wash.. to take makeup off because good girls use two different makeup removal methods.
In my case, it’s hardly ever makeup.
Just pollution from the day.
This was the result post face wash

I am pretty impressed.
Its not as much stuff or gunk as I would get from my regular toners now which are the proactiv refreshing toner that is 5% glycolic acid or alba botanica which is 2% salicylic but it is better than the oriflame oily skin toner I reviewed a while back.image

I think this gives me another reason to shop myself some bioderma from my store when this bottle finishes.

Note that the miscellar water for oily skin which is green packaging is not as good as this I did try them both and this won hands down. This is for sensitive skin.
Now I can use a toner and I dont  have to wait an hour before using retinol. Woohoo. Goodbye aging.
Bioderma sensibio miscellaire is available in nigeria at skinplusng and we have 100mls on sale now for N1000.
You like ? I like!
What toners are you currently into ? I would love to hear and try.