5 ways to damage your skin and your health. 

Excessive use of aha – alpha hydroxy acids. Very natural and very safe yes I can’t fault it because it is the most naturally derived of most compounds used today.

However , aha can thin your skin and cause black patches. When you have over used aha your skin turns black after using it again.

Glycolic acid causes what is called hot spots. Little areas of inflammation which get worse when they are exposed to the sun. The skin reacts and turns black.

Kojic acid is a fantastic compound derived from fermentation of rice.

Wonder why rice water makes skin beautiful ? Wonder why after it easy banned the Koreans turned to fermented products and essences ?

So kojic acid we see now is chemically synthesised. Not withstanding the source using the raw product in your creams at levels higher than 1% is certified, proven to cause thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is fatal. The likelihood of death is real along with long term disability.

Mercury is a fantastic skin whitener but is also a fantastic kidney killer. It is absorbed through your skin and it causes kidney damage. Years after using mercury, kidneys begin to fail. You end up on chronic dialysis and may need a kidney transplant. All for beauty ? I think it’s pretty a sell out.

Hydroquinone found in fair creams. Very popular in a lot of creams on the market. It causes

  • Skin cancer
  • Nerve damage
  • Ochronosis – Black Blue patches of skin that will not go away and are difficult to treat even with the most advanced techniques
  • Steriods are popularly used for fast quick action whitening. They
  1. weaken the skin
  2. Cause green veins
  3. Stretch marks
  4. Poor wound healing
  5. Hypertension
  6. Weak skin

These are just a few of the known compounds used in skin whitening creams.

The unknown ones like relaxer and bleach and other toxic items that are added to these compounded creams may cause more harm than ever imagined.

Help yourself today. Don’t die slowly.

We love you. Stay alive.

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3 step regimen in photos

The photos are all self explanatory. 

This is a very simple guide to starting up a regimen of your own.

Make it yours.

Personalise it. You will eventually find out what works for you.

If you need help or a consultation

I am available to chat and talk with you as well as shop with you. 

Send an email – 

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Basic three step regimen.

The journey to good skin begins with a simple 3 step routine.

You have to take makeup off at night

I even take it off as soon as I get home. 

I use julep oil cleanser or bioderma micellar water, I’ve also used coconut oil and shea butter rubbed all over the face and then washed off with warm water. 

Then the next step in my cleansing is a specific cleanser for my acne skin.

My favourite used to be Neutrogena pink grapefruit but I’ve since GRADUATED to African black soap by skinplus or reservatrol bar. 

This contains specific pore cleaning ingredients to ensure that my pores are unclogged of oils my skin has produced under the makeup or just even the pollutants of the day on my skin.

Next I use a toner – I just finished alba botanica acne dote but have also graduated to skinplus tone away your troubles with rose and glycolic acid,green tea and salicylic acid. I’m going to be remaking the next batch to feel like miscellar water. 

After that, my acne medication goes on.

I use effaclar duo plus and then benzoyl peroxide on impending spots. Then retinol over my eye area.

I’m not very religious with my regimen so I tend to look out for cleansing soaps that can multitask and do a mini mask very night.

Then I leave my toner on for bed because it also works like a treatment for when I’m lazy to apply bp and retinol. 

This is really simple and it saves me from having mounds of acne breakouts all over.
Join the discuss here skinplus instagram because we are going to go over product recommendations this week 

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Estee lauder DISSOLVE THE DRAMA  review 

Look how small the bottle is beside the pad.

I got a trial size bottle of the estee edit from one of my sephora play’s a 15mls bottle.

The product is thick, almost sticky like glycerin. Instructions are to apply using a cotton pad or rub on dry face ( I.e makeup).This pad is just showing dirt off my regular day face. It’s amazing. Almost better than some micellar water I’ve used before.

I haven’t worn makeup in 3 weeks. I hurt my foot and I’ve been indoors 

Small cute 15mls size bottle

The glorious bottle. I was searching for a toner when I found this and my mind thought it was micellar water so I set out to use it. 

After using it I checked out the ingredients.

Here’s what is in it – aloe, cucumber, jojoba oil

They instruct you can use it as a cleanser with cotton wool and rinse off afterwards or apply over your face with hands then rinse off. 

I slathered it on using a cotton pad. It’s slick and a tad bit sticky.

Instructions say to be washed off after this and I washed it off. I think this it offs a fantastic take on oil cleansing. The fragrance is a bit much for someone like me who has been off fragranced products for a while. 

I’ve been using my own skincare and I much prefer the smell of coconuts or essential oils.

However I love the way it cleanses off everything and can bear that for the fragrance which is supposed to be nice.

My take is that if this takes off simple dirt on my face then it should be as good for makeup. 

I tried it and although it was a little bit like a sticky mess requiring one swipe and a half, it seems to me that someone who prefers things a little bit more oily than micellar water  but doesn’t want to use a cleansing oil can go with this quite easily. 

It removes mascara, eye liner and a full face of makeup.

I had to put all that on just to take it off with this.

Final verdict~

I won’t be buying this full size  because

1. Pricey for a basic function – a full bottle costs about $32 plus tax maybe $35 for a 6.6.7oz bottle. 

Currently on sale for $22 though here estee site

2. Sticky 

3. fragranced 

If you’re into high end stuff because I would grade this a high end makeup remover enjoy yourself , go for it. 

I would stick to almost 250mls of garnier micellar water for N5000 available at most spar outlets. 
You can get this in nigeria at the nail bar in v.i I think .

In abuja I’ve not really heard of any store that carries estee lauder yet. if you do, drop us a line. 

I’m curious, how do you take makeup off at the end of the day ?

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Glam glow supermud review


Glamglow mud

I was literally over and beside myself to try this one day.

All the bloggers and everyone was going on about glam glow mud

Oh my. 

Surprise,one day it appeared in my sephora playbox.

I must really apologise for the lack of unboxing videos.

I had initially planned to make a post about the boxes then I thought videos would be better but I ended up with none of the above.


So here we are.

I recieved a wee bit of a sample and trust me it was enough to make up my mind about it.

I found that this was as good as activated charcoal benefits with some glycolic acid thrown In to boot.

Such a beautiful product. Perfect for lazy days and long nights. I used it on acne spots and I also used it all over my face. I’m not particular about following stuff like this up with a lot of moisture because I’m not keen on that .. however if you love a soft pliable face, I suggest a rose mist after this and your skin will be absolutely glowing.

I’ve tried to diy it at home but of course, without a good preservative system the mud will definitely be spiked with bacteria after a while. 
It goes on smoothly and can be spread out on your face. I just use my fingers on a premoistened face.

To take it off you use a soft facial sponge soaked in warm water. I don’t like using soap or cleanser to take it off it becomes a bit of a drag.

It’s absolutely and awesome product and worth the rave. 
Buy it wherever you see it.

It’s wonderfully good.

Ingredients include 


now you know why it’s popular.

Essential oils and stuff to bind and stabilise them all together 

For those who want an end to all of their pesky facial problems and a little bit of glow from a mask, this is your baby.

It retails at about $69 for a full size.

Available on their site and on

But hey, do you see why I love high end beauty boxes ?

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La Roche posay redermic R review. 

I’m sorry Effaclar duo plus 

I never believed this could happen but, scoot over. 

Hello, redermic R. An amazing ,amazing product. I found this in walgreens one evening when I was terribly hungry for samples. There was this screen supposed to test your skin but it wasn’t working .

So I asked,’now this screen isn’t working how do I get samples?’ Lady offered me her sample drawer. . I went back home and tried it. My brother did too and then we went back for more samples ..

Don’t judge me for doing that but this is just too fabulous for words.

Lipohydroxyacid and retinol In one tube. My acne disappeared. Of course I always have acne , ~♤> why? 

I don’t stick to my routine despite how much i preach. Once my skin is clear I start sleeping with just washing my face and no exfoliants. 

 I have big plans for wipes.

lazy people should get lazy skincare too.

This product  cleared my skin up. Throughout summer I had these pesky breakouts which happens whenever I am not overdosing on vegetables and so I was struggling with treating them. Benzoyl peroxide wasn’t working and that happens sometimes. My skin was just acting up. Redermic R sorted me out in 5 days flat and let’s not start on sunburn.

For every regimen dealing with hyperpigmentation, a retinol always makes sense. This worked for my brother as well in that regard. Marketed as an antiaging treatment, this does far more than treat aging skin. 

It made a difference for my acne and if you have adult acne, have struggled to find a lasting solution,  then perhaps you can ask for a sample of redermic R at a beauty counter , I know walgreens for one stock lrp. I gave my second sample to my mum and she did notice a marked difference in the skin around her eyes which are darker due to broken capillaries from allergies.  If you can’t find a sample, invest in a full sized treatment.  Buying retinol is always a good decision. It will always work. 

This has 0.3% retinol and is the highest I’ve seen without a prescription. Roc retinol cream used to be the highest..

Redermic R also has adenosine which works to reduce the inflammation expected with such a high level of retinol. LhA which I think is la Roche posay miracle acid is included to provide cellular clean up and exfoliate skin cells. It costs a whopping $58 for full size but this will always be value for your money. Not a single bad review and if you are desperate for your skin, say hello and purchase here. la Roche pay site for america

Unfortunately for blog readers in Nigeria, this cannot be found in any shops here. I think we are too obsessed with skin colour to realise that aging is also an issue and healthy skin costs more than whitening milk and Arabic half caste cream. If you are interested, I can help you preorder this. Retinol is widely avaluable without a prescription here and you can get at pharmacies as retin A. 

I will do a bigger post on the value of retinol in your skin care but  try it for now and thank me when that post is out. 

It will set you back at least 5000 naira but trust me that would have made one of the best skincare decisions of your life.  

Have you ever used a retinol product before ? Did you know that retinol is the miracle product for wrinkles and aging ? Did you know that using retinol from age 25 along with sunscreen daily will ensure you don’t get crows feet and fine lines  ? 

Well, wait for that post but drip your gist herein the meantime. 

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Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.

 I have been using it up just bit by bit postponing the day of doom when it finishes.
I daresay this is one moisturiser that didn’t have me reaching for a natural oil to mix things up.

My skin loves moisture and I don’t deprive it of some. It especially loves locking moisture in.

Did you know that to take advantage of your skin care products you could do something like an ‘loc’ on your skin ? 

I’m a sucker for nice smells you know, not on myself but in my environment.

The cream scent was a thousand wishes and I absolutely love it.

It’s not big on natural ingredients just shea butter, cocoa butter and then some plenty chemical looking names which I guess are harmful but one can never tell with these things. 

As a formulator myself , the names don’t look too strange. Some are oil substituents but it’s kind of easy to understand why the organic brands are more expensive.

This cream does exactly what it has been marketed for and a little bit more. It’s pretty expensive by our conversions here. Cost about $6 but bath and body works always has some sort of promo going on which you mix and match items maybe for less.

They do have a whole lot of scents out in this range of shea butter cream and they all smell lovely. I didn’t buy the others but made sure to try them in store. 

If you’re big on natural stuff then this is pretty harmful. If youre an all organic person then this isn’t your alley.

I don’t know about animal testing so I won’t say.

All in all, this is a pretty fabulous item to have on hand and using it made people ask me what perfume I was wearing even on the day I wore none. 

Point made. 

Repurchase is certain and perhaps in same scents to layer on. 

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Boots botanics invigorating face scrub-shine away review


Such an extensive name.
I am yet to fully understand the need to qualify skincare products with such long names.
However, I do understand that sometimes a client needs to know exactly what they are getting up front.

The kew gardens collaborates with boots the english home grown pharmacy to introduce botanical plant extracts in a range of their products aptly christened ‘botanics’

Fresh, dewy and almost reminiscent of french skincare, the botanics line is soft and caring.
This scrub is part of the range for oily to combination skin and it comes jn a 75ml tube which is a teeny tiny quantity compared to the price at about £5.99
However, one doesnt begrudge the size as a little goes a long way.
Little grains suspended in a jelly like wash substance.
Unfortunately this had finished before I decided to post a review.
I should have taken a picture of the scrub product itself.

My thoughts
As a refresher and indulgent skincare experience this scrub delivers.
Did it reduce shine ? Maybe for a few hours.
Did it keep spots and breakouts at bay ? No.
Did it cause more breakouts ? No
Did it make my forehead glow ?
Oh yes, yes, yes.
I actually miss that effect
Many atimes I had taken a picture sans makeup and that glow was just glowing me up.
If you know what I mean.
With willow bark extract which a natural form of salicylic acid I must commend boots for staying natural with this. It makes it a milder formulation.
There is some alcohol and then some glycerin which I finger as the reason why it didnt control breakouts adequately.

This is just me.
For someone who had dry skin, this may be a tad too much.
For combination skin, perfect.
For acne prone skin I dont think so.
I am all about banishing my acne and this forms the reason why I will make the following conclusion. Because it didnt help in that pursuit so much as my holy grail scrub does.
Dont get me wrong. I love this scrub but no, I will not be using it again unless of course it is on sale and I want to glow.

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frankincense and myrrh essential oils in store- calabar

A few months ago someone called me about these two oils and i didn’t remember to get them in store until recently.

Both oils are especially known as part of the gifts the three wise men gave to our Lord Jesus at his birth.

what you may not know however is the skin regenerating properties of these oils.

for skin that has been burned from lightening creams and sun damage as well as aging skin, both oils help to balance out the skin and promote healing.

There are so many essential oils available for us to use and choose from and we have to be careful when using them. the best way if you can is to buy and include in your skincare as often as you would need.

For this also, it helps to buy blends- pre mixed oils that have been put together based on their properties and the objective to be achieved. I prefer blends which is why we offer a selection of free blends for hair when you buy castor oil from us (when we have stock)

i have a quick growing collection of oils and i am excited at the possibilities.

think of making your own natural body oil free of preservatives.

i have been using my own blends for while now and i must say it does help.

All said and done, both oils- frankincense and myrrh are available at 2500 naira for 10ml bottles in the store at skinplus calabar, or you can always call , add us on bbm pin- skinplus and send a whatsapp message.. whatever pops your shutter.

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new products in shop (skinplus calabar) naturalistas alert

hi everyone,

we are taking some time off blogging as i had earlier said this year but i promise i will make up for it when i do come back.

just a little update on what is in store right now in calabar

we have natural hair products

creme of nature argan oil shampoo and conditioner 2200 each

castor oil from natural nigerian 1500 for 8oz

bentonite clay 1800

flaxseeds 1500

tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioner 966mls at 2500 each

mango butter 50g at 1200

jojoba oil 60mls at 1800

tea tree oil 15mls at 1800

lavender oil 1800

lemon oil

lemon grass oil

eucalyptus oil

rosemary oil

2000 each

avon naturals shampos 1litre each 2500

avon naturals shampoo and conditioner 1litre each 2500

avon shower gels 1000  naira each for 250mls

shea butter 300naira for 100g

coconut oil, cold pressed 1200naira for 100mls

almond oil 1300 for 4oz and 1700 for 8oz

grapeseed oil and avocado oil will be restocked soon and i will let you know.

we expect to see you in store or add up bb pin 5687595A

we deliver in calabar municipality and ikot ansa for free.

delivery outside calabar starts at 1500naira