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By now you must have heard about “the ordinary” a revolutionary brand that is changing the face of skincare.

The Canada based brand is showing the world that you can and you will get top notch ingredients at jaw dropping prices.
I came across the brand on instagram about a year ago and since then a lot has changed. They have launched several baby brands and bigger sub brands under the same company

Out of about 8 to 10 brands under DECIEM let’s look at the following

1. The ordinary – simple ordinary products you can mix and match. Editors pick ? The ordinary 2% retinol. A new type of retinol licenced two years ago and can be bought over the counter.

2. White rx – revolutionary brand focusing on whitening skincare without as they call it old fashioned lightening products. Think amino acid signalling and molecular inhibition of tyrosine and melanin production. Whoo. Try their serum if your pocket will carry.. at $72 it’s for the serious minded ones

3. Niod- advanced natural skincare .. imagine the factors responsible for your herbal skin remedies isolated into a bottle or tube and given to you to pump away.. editors pick would have to be the sankrit saponins. Soap nuts made into a beautiful cleanser balm.

4. The ordinary colours – makeup that stays, looks fly and is too cheap for what it does.

Theres a retinol body oil I wanna wanna try and it would be perfect for those who want to treat stretch marks.

If you’re into the entire it must be natural gang please don’t bother.

A typical way to get more bang for your buck if you’re trying the brand is this

I would say get the following

1. 2% retinol

2. Aha and bha peeling liquid.

3. Glycolic 7% toning water

4. For those looking to fade scars and marks 2% alpha arbutin

So the best part is that DECIEM ships to nigeria and nipost is so much more friendly these days.

What are you waiting for ?

Go go go.

this is their site shipping to nigeria is €37

Note that before you start the purchasing.

To the usa it’s €22. Whoopies

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Unboxing graze usa snack box

My graze box-empty.

Couldn’t keep my hands out of it. Though it’s designed to be eaten in bits,one snack after the other I ate two packs on one day and I’m taking the third on my call duty shortly. 

I love graze boxes. Do I need to say it again ? They are absolutely fabulously delicious.

This one had garlic and sour cream cashew Cristini which has been polished off without a picture. (I’m such a terrible blogger) (120 calories )

Then walnuts, pumpkin and dates  

Wild Blueberry toast with white chocolate (120 calories only) I ate it

Popcorn for the microwave with a twist of black pepper.

Gosh!  Such yummy snacking.

Add a cup of tea with honey and thsee or tips can serve me a quiet brekkie on the go.

I’ve got granola at skinplus and it’s practically 150 calories per serving of 40g. Has pumpkin seeds,almonds,pecans,tiger nuts,  black puffed rice,cashews, goji berries , coconuts, all of these not in one pack buy mixed up in different varieties. 

You can also order large portions for yourself. Go ahead, where theres no graze box, there’s skinplus diet cafe.

Ps- I just love making these stuff so if you have any special ideas,let me know.

What are your best ideas for snacking on a diet ? I think the snacks make us add more weight it’s hardly the meals we eat when we sit down to do so.graze yourself here if you have uk or usa shipping available.

Use OSAMAG23E and get your first and fifth  box free 


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My little box december

So my december box came in janaury as is usual a month later.
My little box is  beauty and lifestyle subscription box based in Paris and founded by two friends.
They offer a subscription box monthly of three beauty products and one lifestyle product.
In the past I have gotten a laptop case, a scarf, a heating pillow and most recently in this december box


Cowshed body cream – all organic line I have always wanted to try.
They have quirky lines for their products like the grumpy cow, the happy cow etc.


L’occitane immortelle face cream – you know this is another faboulous french brand. I previously got immortelle from debenhams in a beauty bag but I gave it out.
Im hence excited to try this one.
Immortelle is a precious essential oil which retails for about £15-2mls
It has amazing regenerating properites for skin.

My little beauty red lipstick-this is actually a cross between red, pink and coral.
It applies like a balm but they funny thing was someone actually noticed the colour on my lips.
It isnt really my thing because im a lip gloss girl.
This is going out to someone. ….

A knitted hair band in black with gold threads running through it- already missing. Im not careless but hey, theres so much of these little bits of cream and hair things everywhere I know I will find it soon again.

Bits and ends for packaging Christmas gifts- gift tags, wire, tape fpr packaging gifts.
Will come in handy when packing online orders. Expect a few of these when you place an order.

All in all, the box is fair. I didn’t particularly like it.
The l’occitane cream however makes up for everything.

Their site is here and you can order your box in three monthly,  six or twelve monthly subscriptions.
Use your card gtb or other, visa, Mastercard.  Verve wont work.
You need a uk shipping address for which I have provided d and k freight.

Unfortunately had an issue with my card going missing so it had to be blocked and I missed januarys box.
Catch a soon.

love and shopping-skinpluscalabar

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My little Paris box uk review September box

So late but better late than never.
I love cute dainty little things.
I could stack up itty bitties for life.

As a product lover and curator of all things girly from stationery to sewing materials, I found my little box through which beauty box she is the go to on all beauty boxes far wide and flung apart.
Such a reservoir of review knowledge.

I placed my first order as they launched and I am never going to cancel
This box ticks all my fetishes in hugs them right in place.
It has a selection of lifestyle  products and beauty too

I got nuxe multi purpose oil which I am excited to try after reviewing the caudalie divine oil.

A little beauty box highloghting pen which has the looks of something I will soon be addicted to

A lappie case.. which is too small for my huge laptop but will carry my papers adequately  well.

Laura Mercer foundation  primer which I am yet to use since I am still suffering from travel lag and my skin hasn’t picked up yet.

A little cute notebook that tells the story  of the little beauty box

Stickers that should make you want to visit  Paris and bring back all the miscellar water you could possibly  find.

So i took a photo of my box contents-  not all, on this cute mango sweater which should actually come in size xxs because, just because xs is too big and I love cardigans.


Does this post about this beauty box make you feel girly and squishy  inside?
Wait until you see October box.

Do you want to subscribe?
Let me know.

Love and shopping

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Paula's choice mini reviews

Hello loves,
How is everyone doing?
It’s been a bit of a hassle here.
I still have so many posts.
I’m beginning to imagine what life was before this blog got the better of me.
I mean, you wake up in the morning and you are writing out drafts, editing and all.
I absolutely love that in some way I can be helpful to you while doing something I enjoy.

I posted about the Paula’s choice samples I got here
And here’s a review of the stuff I’ve used from those samples.

Skin balancing oil reducing cleanser

Paula says cleansers must be gentle and never leave the skin tight or dry.
This is a creamy wash that is designed to gently take makeup and oil off skin.
It does so adequately well.
Instructions say you should add a bit of manual cleansing with a towel or sponge.
I used the ole henricksen cellulose facial sponge.
It can be used around the eye area
This would also be a good deal for electric facial brushes.
It took makeup off well and didn’t strip skin of moisture.
I however doubt if it can control breakouts adequately and so I will be testing a full bottle.
This is because It was a small sample and I didn’t use it for a long time.
It should be followed with the toner
Annitje was very bothered about the products I would be using with this and she made sure to include one line which was my main interest from start to finish.

skin balancing pore reducing toner
The toner was as effective as it should be and it did clean up nicely after the cleanser.
There wasn’t much to take off anyway.
It didn’t strip my face although there was that filmy feeling which went away once it air dried.
This is a very good toner and scores all the good points except the left over moisture but that dried fast

skin balancing super antioxidant serum
This serum smells a bit like eggs but it is amazing.
Unlike the other serums, this is a creamy consistency. It has retinol which is a plus plus plus for any serum that aims to correct skin.
I liked it a lot but I didnt like the smell.

skin recovery replenishing moisturiser

For normal to dry and very dry skin
Gentle enough to be used on the eye area so you dont have to get a different cream for the eyes.
Amazing !
I have oily skin but it felt like wow and non greasy.
It didn’t break me out and none of the products did by the way which is a maximal plus.

weekly resurfacing peel with 10% glycolic acid3mls
You know I love glycolic acid.
I used this peel on my mum twice.
It gave an instant glow to her skin and when used with the antiaging moiaturiaer for mature skin I loved the overall effect.

Conclusion is that I really didn’t need to do a lot of testing before deciding which products would make it down here again.
I am very positive about getting paulas choice in nigeria via their south african base and i’m certain the peel as well as the serums will do very well for african skin.
I enjoyed using the samples and I love paulas choice!
My top purchase will be the peel and dry skin serum.

Love and shopping

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How to return stuff to asos from Nigeria.

I know how much we all love asos.
Sometimes however something may go wrong and you get an order in a bit of a mix up.
Wrong size, dress isn’t as Glam as you wanted, wrong item all together.
It’s not true that there is no way to return and that asos won’t pay for returns.
It is clearly stated on their site that returns are free.
These days they are more likely to ask you to keep the item if the cost of return may be far more than the item itself.
This is not to say you should make it a habit.
Some sites take these claims seriously and investigate.

Here are a few steps to getting your item sent back and  processing your refund.

1. Try to open items as soon as you pick them up.
2. Do have your account page bookmarked and handy so you can compare with your order online,  the order note that comes in your parcel is usually a print out of your order from the site.
3. Check everything carefully.
4. If you have some missing or incorrect item, it is best to leave your order at the post office if they will keep for you and tell them you will be sending it back immediately. asos customer care on twitter they reply  very fast.. asos here to help link
6. Report to them and they will usually say what they would rather you do.
7. If they ask you to send it back, use normal postage at nipost.
8. It costs  minimum of about  3,500 to 4,000 to send a parcel back to asos and it is usually tracked delivery.
9. Use the returns sticker that comes with every order for the right address  to send it to.
10. Scan a copy of the nipost receipt and send it to asos customer care. They will have an Email sent to you for that.
11. Your refund usually credits when the item arrives and that’s about two weeks.

You can use fedex ups but I don’t think asos will pay for that unless they sent you a wildly expensive item by mistake. Hahaha.

As for orders, whenever you place a first order on asos it may take a bit of time to get to you.
Patience is key. Try not to raise false alarms and trigger replacements or refunds and then your order arrives.
Check your post office, you’ll be surprised  the amount of pending orders sitting on their shelves.
I hope this helps.

Love and shopping

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New products at @skinpluscalabar

So we just got these and they are ready for purchase.
You’ll notice a lot of acne solutions because that’s what we are all about- clear skin.
It’s a daily struggle but these babies are here to help.
Please call 08036345531 to order or send a whatsapp message.

Neutrogena oil free pink grapefruit acne face scrub. Double size
Olay facial contour brush- fresh effects va-va-vivid wih a cleanser and battery price 3000
Mario badescu skin care complexion perfection kit with dying lotion, drying powder and cream -8500
Dr lin acne care system with face wash 2% salicylic acid 1800 , face pads with salicylic acid andacne cream with 5% benzoyl peroxide
10% benzoyl peroxide cream- oxy 10 - 2000 naira
Benzpyl peroxide face wash - 1800 naira
Oxy 10 salicylic acid wash - 1800 naira



My holy grail pads. The clerasil deep pore rapid pads - 1800 naira
Aveeno positively nourishing body butter 170g - 1800 naira
Eos lip balmsin mint 1000 naira

Gluththione antioxidant caps 3500 naira 2 months supply

635mg green tea with 25mg hoodia. Diet aid and slimming pill - 2000 one month supply

Dr lin acne spot corrector 5% benzoyl peroxide - 1800
Dr. Lin acne cleansing pads. 2% salicylic acid 1500naira

Royal eyeshadow brushes –
Large shading _1000
Small -900

Love and shopping

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New site alert – @pemberleyjones

Pemberly Jones of meow meow tweet is an online Apothecary stocking natural skincare solutions.
From the sublime sweet to the very essence of skincare made with love.
Handmade, handpoured sprays and creams
Facepolish and cleansers
Everything is natural.
There’s something cozy and alluring about small brands, all natural products and zero to minimal additives.

Check her instagram feed here

brands available

Meow meow tweet
Kahina giving beauty

Oh ye junkies wide and far acclaimed I know you’ll love me for this Info.
Get shopping babies.

If you’re in the market for a line of green products here’s somewhere to start with shipping at about 15dolllars to Nigeria.
I sure am glad I found them and will try out their natural insect repellant.

Oh my, the world is getting smaller, discovering more sites that ship to Nigeria.
Am I happy?

Image – pemjo feed

love and shopping and our new shopping page on instagram

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Site alert- Latest in beauty

Site alerts posts have been restricted to sites shipping to Nigeria prior to now but I do get a good number of visitors from the united kingdom and it’s worth their while including a few posts that could be helpful to them too.
If you saw my caudalie polyphenols post you would have also seen the link to this site or if you follow on instagram

So this site is one of those forward thinking businesses I love.
How often have you seen a cult beauty product that costs so much or is so raved about and you just want to try it?
Or you want a sample size to see if something will work for you?


If you’ve had issues like this or you are in need of a oneoff beauty box buy then this is what you will need in time to come.

latest in beauty offers sample sizes at the most awesome prices as well as some full sized products.
With frequent collaborations with known beauty companies and magazines, there’s never a shortfall of innovation and imagination in their product offering.
Brands on latest in beauty offering sample sized beauty products

L’occitane- a small immortelle cream is just £4
Dhc – anAsian brand that just crossed the pond,it’s all the rave now in the UK.
A Veda,estee Lauder, Inika,good things, eve lom, melvita, loreal, murad, Rico, Ren, pixi, opi, stila, trilogy,john Frieda, jurlique, Essie,
Balance me, espa, Ila, ginvera, cowshed, bulldog, nicklowe, bellapierre too.
Aromatherapy essentials

I can’t go through the entire list. It’s here brands

I was looking for sample sizes online when I found them.
It was delivered within the uk hassle free and I had payment made through CosmeticSquare Nigeria.

Now you have the details, you can hop over there and
get yourself a customised box
buy an existing box, from their collections
whatever is on just have fun.

I recommend the glamour beauty edit box which has


.illamasqua glamoure nude lipstick launching there first
.magnifibres brush on lashes
.rimmel instant tan bb skin perfect or
Dhc deep cleansing oil
Hawaiian tropic sunscreen
Strip wax set from strip boutique
Bourjois cream blush
Crabtree and Evelyn nail laquer in red
All for £16

Love and shopping