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3 step regimen in photos

The photos are all self explanatory. 

This is a very simple guide to starting up a regimen of your own.

Make it yours.

Personalise it. You will eventually find out what works for you.

If you need help or a consultation

I am available to chat and talk with you as well as shop with you. 

Send an email – 

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Basic three step regimen.

The journey to good skin begins with a simple 3 step routine.

You have to take makeup off at night

I even take it off as soon as I get home. 

I use julep oil cleanser or bioderma micellar water, I’ve also used coconut oil and shea butter rubbed all over the face and then washed off with warm water. 

Then the next step in my cleansing is a specific cleanser for my acne skin.

My favourite used to be Neutrogena pink grapefruit but I’ve since GRADUATED to African black soap by skinplus or reservatrol bar. 

This contains specific pore cleaning ingredients to ensure that my pores are unclogged of oils my skin has produced under the makeup or just even the pollutants of the day on my skin.

Next I use a toner – I just finished alba botanica acne dote but have also graduated to skinplus tone away your troubles with rose and glycolic acid,green tea and salicylic acid. I’m going to be remaking the next batch to feel like miscellar water. 

After that, my acne medication goes on.

I use effaclar duo plus and then benzoyl peroxide on impending spots. Then retinol over my eye area.

I’m not very religious with my regimen so I tend to look out for cleansing soaps that can multitask and do a mini mask very night.

Then I leave my toner on for bed because it also works like a treatment for when I’m lazy to apply bp and retinol. 

This is really simple and it saves me from having mounds of acne breakouts all over.
Join the discuss here skinplus instagram because we are going to go over product recommendations this week 

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Pimples/acne solutions -choosing a toner and why 

Why do you need a toner ?

Why is it that most persons who suffer the most acne don’t use a toner ? 

This is what you need to know about a toner. Sometimes called an astringent , toners help to do a number of things on your skin.

They help to open up closed pores further after washing.

They help to return the ph of your skin from alkali  after soap to a neutral ph which is the basic ph of our skin.this is why most toners are acidic in nature. 

Some toners help to seal open pores after treatments and some toners also help to calm irritated skin, reduce inflammation and prepare skin for a treatment , cream or serum that will sink into the pores.

This is why it is important to use a toner if you have acne because without your pores open, and unlogged your products will get in and block the openings preparing you for more breakouts.

Your choice of toner will depend on the problems you have with your skin or what you try to achieve with your skin.

  1. If your concerns are for acne, something  with salicylic acid is best. The concentration would range from 0.5% to 2% -clearasil ultra rapid action pads, alba botanical acne dote deep cleam astringent 
  2. Homemade toners like acid cider Vinegar work on the same principles of applying acids to help exfoliate and further clean out pores on skin. Vinegar contains a weak acid which is naturally derived from apples.
  3. For aging skin with imperfections, Glycolic acid from 2% to 5% -pixi glow tonic and glow peel pads, dr.Dennis gross peel pads.
  4. For skin damaged from sunburn and creams, Glycolic acid and a mix of other acids as well as herbal constituents to calm the skin is useful. – examples -pixi by petra glow tonic , play herbal active with snow petal
  5. For dry and flaky skin, a herbal hydrosol of rose or lavender essence will calm itching and camomile will reduce inflammation.

When choosing a toner, it is important to see a dermatologist or cosmetolgoist at least once for an assessment of your skin. This will help you to make a choice as to what type to buy and know what your skin really needs.

Not all skin that has acne is oily skin. can have acne too the pathologic process is just different but the end mechanisms are the same. 

If you had to scrimp on any part of your regimen for skin, it shouldn’t be your toner. 

As always, the products listed above are just a guide..

When we have concluded the talk on various parts of a simple 3 step regimen then we will go on to extras. 

What toner do you use and do you like it ? Does it work for you ? 

Have you had acne problems and what did you do to help it along .. 

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Have I ever mentioned that I love the French manicure ? White tips just have a look about them.

White tips go with quaint little picket fences, cinnamon buns and tea. 

That’s what it is in my head although I’m more up for cinnamon popcorn than cinnamon buns. Buns just have a sickly sweetness to them. Perhaps it’s just cinnabon bUt I would rather some tasty popcorn. For tea though,  I’ll have my mani and then some tea preferably green with lemon and for snacking, a healthy slice of oat cake and beet crackers.

Did you know I make healthy snacks too and you could order ? No.

Okay, so I got this hard as nails Sally hansen  nylon like wrap top coat .. have a look 


Avon colour trend in rare and Sally hansen french manicure white tip pen which is currently feeding my french manicure obsession to the max.

This is what I did.

I put the Avon all over the nails after base coat. It didn’t apply too well as with most nude colours. 

Then I used the tip of the manicure pen to outline the nails tips that had grown on.

The nylon wrap keeps for about a week and so does the white tip manicure pen. 

It doesn’t look very pretty neat but uneeds you are like me and you are always looking at fine details, you probably cant tell a mile away.

Hard as nails nylon wrap from at $7.. manicure pen from amazon at $5.99 Avon nail polish from skinplus calabar at N800 naira when the dollar was good. 

We do have some Avon nail polish on sale. Stop by if you are in calabar and steal one for N500 only. You are a thief really to get one at such a price in these times.

Okay everyone what’s your favourite mani style ?

Here’s my final look. 

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Pimples/ acne solutions -face wash to buy 

Despite how much information is out there,  acne /pimples still is a topical subject for many women and some men out there.

Pimples have one major underlying factor and it is bacteria that end up trapped in your facial pores, the little holes on your skin that hair comes out of. 

When bacteria is on your skin as it should be because you are normal,  your skin may produce oil and the oil gets trapped into these pores with the bacteria that were just having a nice quiet life 

The bacteria find themselves in a cozy hole which is covered with oil and it is so lovely for then to start making babies. They increase in number and because the holes or pores are blocked,  they grow and grow and grow. Then they release chemicals that make the body react by inflammation , that’s when you feel the pain and before you know it a zit is out.

It takes about 3 days from a blocked pore to a full acne breakout.

The key to solving acne is solving

1. Excessive oil production which in all honesty you can’t really control because you cant control your your skin. You can only help regulate it.

2. Prevent skin cells from accumulating and increasing chances of blocked pores  by exfoliation and cleansing. 

3. Kill the bacteria

A simple 3 step routine to accomplish this is easily obtainable for anyone who wants to do away with their acne. In life, sometimes keeping it simple works.

I will address the issue of using oil free cleansers and scrubs later.

Steps to pimple treatment –

  • 1. A good face wash. -In this regard, liquid is often better than soap bars. You can spread it around easily and a little will go a long way. The active ingredients are easily dispersed in the liquid and you get better results. Soap bars may be cheaper but of recent I haven’t seen many a soap bar with the key exfoliative ingredient needed for acne which is salicylic acid. This compound needs to be present in your facial wash for you to have any good results from it.  You also need to use a sponge or facial brush to wash your face. It’s really quite easy. Most exfoliating mitts help to take off excess oil and help your gel or soap wash penetrate into skin. Using your hands doesn’t cut it and some people use a towel which will hardly ever dry out completely and will likely wash off your makeup before it gets to really cleaning your face.  Makeup must be taken off completely and not using the face wash which is for treating your Acne.
  • For makeup wearers I always suggest using a light oil to dissolve everything off and then rinse with water before you go onto wash your face with the face wash. If you can afford micellar water, then go ahead and use it . I swear by bioderma sensibio and garnier micellar water is a good addition to that list as well. Coconut oil is a fabulous cleanser and Infact some of its molecules is what is contained in the bioderma water. So keep a bottle on hand, wash your face properly and ensure you take off all the makeup
  • Facial cleansers to swear by , neutrogena pink grapefruit oil free facial scrub
  • Ambi facial cleanser with vitamin c and soy
  • Johnson and Johnson clean and clear facial bar
  • Clean and clear foaming facial acne wash
  • Dr lin acne face wash with Glycolic acid
  • Avon blackhead clearing cleanser 

These all have salicylic or Glycolic acid which is a very important step in eradication of acne.  

I will update this list whenever I find another product which is seriously breakout free and please note that most of the products I have listed here are drugstore products. 

They are cheap and contain active ingredients.  Some expensive brand a would contain the same thing and maybe add a few exotic ingredients here and there to prove their price point. Some are purely plant based and use the really expensive materials to achieve the same purpose of effective facial cleansing 

  • Clarins gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed oil for combination to oily skin.
  • Origins a perfect world deep cleanser
  • Murad clarifying cleanser for acne and perfect time release acne cleanser
  • Dermatologica clearing skin and face wash for acne

There are tons of brands out there but with acne realise that it is more or less a skin condition which needs targeted treatment to halt it and reverse damage.

So go out today and get yourself a cleanser that will work and that’s your first step to acne free skin. 

Remember to always read labels and it must say salicylic acid,Glycolic acid, or in some mild cases, lactic acid.

Salicylic acid is best for acne skin.

If you have any questions or comments,please drop them below and I will respond  promptly. 

Need help shopping from whatever you find in the stores ? Send me a picture and I will be willing to help.

Don’t forget to share any great cleansers and face washes you have found or have used that have made a difference in your skin.

Next post will be on toners for acne /pimples. 


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Alba botanica acne dote review


I review a great find in a retinue of facial toners worldwide.
I say worldwide because when it comes to toners there isnt such a wild market for them.
They arent so many if you ask me.
I bought this toner from marshalls in the usa and I havent readily found this brand in nigeria on our shelves.
Alba botanica is an all natural line kf skincare products without parabens, pthalates and other known skin irritants.
This contains salicylic acid at 2%, witch hazel and thats about it.
Comparable to my trusted clearasil pads I found this to be a very good toner.
It doesnt clear out marks as quickly as I would like but it certainly works.
It dries out acne flat.
It is one of the best toners I have used in my life.
I am not mincing words with this.
It also has some alcohol so it will sting a bit but listen, if it deals with my acne and it has alcohol I do not mind.
The breakouts have been over the top of recent its unbelievable.
This acne dote helped out a whole lot and now.i have emptied the bottle I regret shipping its replacement by sea.
There will be bottles of acne dote at skinplusng calabar.
I love it that much.
When it is good, you dont have to talk too much.

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Hello december and giveaway

Hello everyone.
Im sure you know what happened.
Ive been mia for a while trying to figure out this life and what it is about it.
Im back but perhaps not as gay and happy as I used to be but for you guys im going to try my best to be ..
We live for people thats what it actually is.
We live for the people who love us and it’s why we should treasure those we find around us at every point in time.
Your smile could just be what stops someone from giving up on life.
You can never tell how many people look up to you for inspiration and drive.
That said, I blog about stuff like this on zoehugs a devotional blog but I find I have to share a bit of it here.
Stop over on that end of the street and see if you find a few hugs.
Some of that has been helpful to me many times even though I wrote most of it.
The interesting thing about Gods word is that it never dies.

Skinpluscalabar my baby reached 200 instagram followers this morning and I have a gift.
First to my 200th follower and then a general giveaway.
Will be posting giveaway items in the week and announcing the follower who wins stuff so do keep in touch.

My personal page is still samsiiiie but not much going on in the past days.
Catcha soon.
Hello december, we are here!

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Natural hair products in calabar

Hi everyone.
I had a busy weekend.
How was yours?
I attended the naturals in the city event hosted by ekene of thekinkandi and natural nigerian.
Well, I was busy otherwise I didn’t hear any of the things that were said.
To put the word out there, skinpluscalabar is open.
We have a few natural hair products in stock and would like to know what you want us to bring in for you.

We have
Black jamaican castor oil in lavender and regular/classic
Cantu shea
Creme of nature
Natural nigerian left leave in conditioner from her brand as well.

We wont be putting much out there until we know what exactly your needs are.
So this is a call to naturals in town and around let us know what you want in store.

Next weekend we will have drinks and cupcakes so follow us on instagram for updates.
skinplus twitter

Eos balms and hand lotions as well as our other regular staples including the okay facial brush and scrubs will be available by the end of the week.
Nosam medical laboratory,
183 parliamentary road extension calabar.

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HOw Effaclar Duo Plus changed my Life

Effaclar Duo plus is a product from larocheposay part of the L’oreal family.
Since I got my first item to review from escentual which was a tube of effaclar duo plus, my skin has never remained the same.

Yes, I get outbreaks of acne once in a while when I slip up on regimen or start testing a new product.
My skin has not been this good since I was using mary kay timewise and acne gel in college (pray ask me why I stopped )

I no longer have breakouts that last for weeks then turn into blackheads and scars.
The right side of my face which I sleep on every night is losing the dark marks from previous acne slowly.

My T zone is brighter.
For something that costs about N4500 Nigerian Naira, you best be certain it is worth every penny.

This is a multi tasking product and serves as an excellent base for makeup.
Please dump silicon primers.
After a wedding outing when a silicon primer was used on me, I had 3 large breakouts in exact same region of application.
I’m sorry but that primer showed me shege.
Silicon doesn’t allow skin breathe.

I’m all for allowing skin breathe and having good skin.
It is a continuous fight against acne and surely we will win but in that fight, effaclar duo plus keeps you on the frontline winning day by day.

Effaclar duo plus is available at skinplus calabar. For other la roche posay products please check the shop list for instructions and contact at skinplus calabar.