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A week away and products I tried

Packing for a trip is always a hassle.

You don’t want to forget important things and you don’t want to break out either.

I often use time away to test new products. I bring along my tested and trusted products and then I try new ones.

I’ve been in ibadan nigeria for a week and besides the poor network everything else has been fairly okay

I took along with me

1. Soaps from skinplusng -mango soap which I found doesn’t lather well because of all that mango juice but saved me from breakouts. It’s my own soap but I’m pretty honest about it. however when i got back i realised

 it was lathering perfectly so the water is probably hard around there.

2.toner from skinplusng I didn’t use this every night but if you haven’t tried my toner you should. It’s perfect for congested skin and skin that breaks out easily.

3. Effaclar duo plus.

4. Andalou naturals super goji peptide firming and the one used the most vichy lift active firming anti wrinkle.
I took my new makeup forever artist face pallette which is a life saver. I will review it fully soon enough.

Mary kay foundation

Covergirl eyebrow pencil

Sephora pink lip gloss

La girl concealer

Makeup forever mist and fix

The pink lipstick is stila stay all day

Do you know this fine girl by any chance ?
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Pimples/acne solutions -choosing a toner and why 

Why do you need a toner ?

Why is it that most persons who suffer the most acne don’t use a toner ? 

This is what you need to know about a toner. Sometimes called an astringent , toners help to do a number of things on your skin.

They help to open up closed pores further after washing.

They help to return the ph of your skin from alkali  after soap to a neutral ph which is the basic ph of our skin.this is why most toners are acidic in nature. 

Some toners help to seal open pores after treatments and some toners also help to calm irritated skin, reduce inflammation and prepare skin for a treatment , cream or serum that will sink into the pores.

This is why it is important to use a toner if you have acne because without your pores open, and unlogged your products will get in and block the openings preparing you for more breakouts.

Your choice of toner will depend on the problems you have with your skin or what you try to achieve with your skin.

  1. If your concerns are for acne, something  with salicylic acid is best. The concentration would range from 0.5% to 2% -clearasil ultra rapid action pads, alba botanical acne dote deep cleam astringent 
  2. Homemade toners like acid cider Vinegar work on the same principles of applying acids to help exfoliate and further clean out pores on skin. Vinegar contains a weak acid which is naturally derived from apples.
  3. For aging skin with imperfections, Glycolic acid from 2% to 5% -pixi glow tonic and glow peel pads, dr.Dennis gross peel pads.
  4. For skin damaged from sunburn and creams, Glycolic acid and a mix of other acids as well as herbal constituents to calm the skin is useful. – examples -pixi by petra glow tonic , play herbal active with snow petal
  5. For dry and flaky skin, a herbal hydrosol of rose or lavender essence will calm itching and camomile will reduce inflammation.

When choosing a toner, it is important to see a dermatologist or cosmetolgoist at least once for an assessment of your skin. This will help you to make a choice as to what type to buy and know what your skin really needs.

Not all skin that has acne is oily skin. can have acne too the pathologic process is just different but the end mechanisms are the same. 

If you had to scrimp on any part of your regimen for skin, it shouldn’t be your toner. 

As always, the products listed above are just a guide..

When we have concluded the talk on various parts of a simple 3 step regimen then we will go on to extras. 

What toner do you use and do you like it ? Does it work for you ? 

Have you had acne problems and what did you do to help it along .. 

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Alba botanica acne dote review


I review a great find in a retinue of facial toners worldwide.
I say worldwide because when it comes to toners there isnt such a wild market for them.
They arent so many if you ask me.
I bought this toner from marshalls in the usa and I havent readily found this brand in nigeria on our shelves.
Alba botanica is an all natural line kf skincare products without parabens, pthalates and other known skin irritants.
This contains salicylic acid at 2%, witch hazel and thats about it.
Comparable to my trusted clearasil pads I found this to be a very good toner.
It doesnt clear out marks as quickly as I would like but it certainly works.
It dries out acne flat.
It is one of the best toners I have used in my life.
I am not mincing words with this.
It also has some alcohol so it will sting a bit but listen, if it deals with my acne and it has alcohol I do not mind.
The breakouts have been over the top of recent its unbelievable.
This acne dote helped out a whole lot and now.i have emptied the bottle I regret shipping its replacement by sea.
There will be bottles of acne dote at skinplusng calabar.
I love it that much.
When it is good, you dont have to talk too much.

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frankincense and myrrh essential oils in store- calabar

A few months ago someone called me about these two oils and i didn’t remember to get them in store until recently.

Both oils are especially known as part of the gifts the three wise men gave to our Lord Jesus at his birth.

what you may not know however is the skin regenerating properties of these oils.

for skin that has been burned from lightening creams and sun damage as well as aging skin, both oils help to balance out the skin and promote healing.

There are so many essential oils available for us to use and choose from and we have to be careful when using them. the best way if you can is to buy and include in your skincare as often as you would need.

For this also, it helps to buy blends- pre mixed oils that have been put together based on their properties and the objective to be achieved. I prefer blends which is why we offer a selection of free blends for hair when you buy castor oil from us (when we have stock)

i have a quick growing collection of oils and i am excited at the possibilities.

think of making your own natural body oil free of preservatives.

i have been using my own blends for while now and i must say it does help.

All said and done, both oils- frankincense and myrrh are available at 2500 naira for 10ml bottles in the store at skinplus calabar, or you can always call , add us on bbm pin- skinplus and send a whatsapp message.. whatever pops your shutter.

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new products in shop (skinplus calabar) naturalistas alert

hi everyone,

we are taking some time off blogging as i had earlier said this year but i promise i will make up for it when i do come back.

just a little update on what is in store right now in calabar

we have natural hair products

creme of nature argan oil shampoo and conditioner 2200 each

castor oil from natural nigerian 1500 for 8oz

bentonite clay 1800

flaxseeds 1500

tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioner 966mls at 2500 each

mango butter 50g at 1200

jojoba oil 60mls at 1800

tea tree oil 15mls at 1800

lavender oil 1800

lemon oil

lemon grass oil

eucalyptus oil

rosemary oil

2000 each

avon naturals shampos 1litre each 2500

avon naturals shampoo and conditioner 1litre each 2500

avon shower gels 1000  naira each for 250mls

shea butter 300naira for 100g

coconut oil, cold pressed 1200naira for 100mls

almond oil 1300 for 4oz and 1700 for 8oz

grapeseed oil and avocado oil will be restocked soon and i will let you know.

we expect to see you in store or add up bb pin 5687595A

we deliver in calabar municipality and ikot ansa for free.

delivery outside calabar starts at 1500naira

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My little box december

So my december box came in janaury as is usual a month later.
My little box is  beauty and lifestyle subscription box based in Paris and founded by two friends.
They offer a subscription box monthly of three beauty products and one lifestyle product.
In the past I have gotten a laptop case, a scarf, a heating pillow and most recently in this december box


Cowshed body cream – all organic line I have always wanted to try.
They have quirky lines for their products like the grumpy cow, the happy cow etc.


L’occitane immortelle face cream – you know this is another faboulous french brand. I previously got immortelle from debenhams in a beauty bag but I gave it out.
Im hence excited to try this one.
Immortelle is a precious essential oil which retails for about £15-2mls
It has amazing regenerating properites for skin.

My little beauty red lipstick-this is actually a cross between red, pink and coral.
It applies like a balm but they funny thing was someone actually noticed the colour on my lips.
It isnt really my thing because im a lip gloss girl.
This is going out to someone. ….

A knitted hair band in black with gold threads running through it- already missing. Im not careless but hey, theres so much of these little bits of cream and hair things everywhere I know I will find it soon again.

Bits and ends for packaging Christmas gifts- gift tags, wire, tape fpr packaging gifts.
Will come in handy when packing online orders. Expect a few of these when you place an order.

All in all, the box is fair. I didn’t particularly like it.
The l’occitane cream however makes up for everything.

Their site is here and you can order your box in three monthly,  six or twelve monthly subscriptions.
Use your card gtb or other, visa, Mastercard.  Verve wont work.
You need a uk shipping address for which I have provided d and k freight.

Unfortunately had an issue with my card going missing so it had to be blocked and I missed januarys box.
Catch a soon.

love and shopping-skinpluscalabar

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Caudalie polyphenols detailed review

A review of the caudalie polyphenols first three products.
Caudalie is an organic skin care line.
The polyphenols are based on grape seed extract and stabikised vitamin c with hyaluronic acid which helps to plump skin up.
There-s an oil out now in the range so thats why I say first three.

I had posted the little box from latest in beauty which I think may still be available on their site.
The box came with two little cute teabags of jasmine tea and dragon tea .

I tried thepolyphenol c15 anti wrinkle eye and lip cream1 first.
From caudalie a message…
This gel cream treats the first signs of aging , reducing dark circles , puffiness, instantly smoothes

This cream is for both day and night use although there is an spf anti wrinkle fluid.
It is a soft mildly-almost unscented option with out parabens as all caudalie products are.
I used this around my eyes on crows feet area and around my lip area.
Before starting this cream I had a few lines I complained about which were looking quite bad when i smiled.
I noticed a remarkable improvement.
Save for the occasional breakout near my eye area when the cream extendes it’s boundaries I have no complaints with this.
I however do not recommend for someone who is out to treat serious lines.
This is great for dark circles too especially if you are not in a hurry.
I did notice some changes in that regard.
Not like I had any but it pushes away the beginnings of what looked like it.
I love this cream and it is now one of my staples for moisturising the eye area.

spf 20 anti wrinkle protect spf fluid
Caudalie says this oil free fluid is extra light on the skin leaving your face rehydrated, smoother filled out and ready to take on the day.
To be used in the mornings after the serum applied to face and neck.
This is a smooth sunscreen that also comes as a 15mls tube.

I love that you can use this on your face and not break out.
This says so much for organic products.
It doesnt leave a filmy white residue that needs to be rubbed into skin as some sunscreen fluid are wont to.
It is a great great spf for oily breakout prone skin.
It is also suitable for sensitive skin.
No harsh ingredients In this one.

anti wrinkle fluid serum
This was the only product I had problems with.

Caudalie says …
With the highest concentration of active ingredients in the range, this youth concentrate protects the skin from environmental factors leaving the skin flawless and radiant.
Uses morning and evening on face and neck.

In retrospect it was because my skin is yet to be suited for heavy serum concentrate as this.
Even though it comes off the dropper as a light fluid.
It is heavy in grape extract and has a lot of vitamins.
I gave this to my mum after it broke me out and it changed her skin.
I could see increased luminosity and you could just tell the skin was eating well.
It is a great detox and give good clarity.
I cpuld add a few words for hyperpigmentation here but lets just stick to helping dull skin along.

considering I thought this could become a staple serum, I was so wrong. I need something more suited for my oily younger skin type.

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My little Paris box uk review September box

So late but better late than never.
I love cute dainty little things.
I could stack up itty bitties for life.

As a product lover and curator of all things girly from stationery to sewing materials, I found my little box through which beauty box she is the go to on all beauty boxes far wide and flung apart.
Such a reservoir of review knowledge.

I placed my first order as they launched and I am never going to cancel
This box ticks all my fetishes in hugs them right in place.
It has a selection of lifestyle  products and beauty too

I got nuxe multi purpose oil which I am excited to try after reviewing the caudalie divine oil.

A little beauty box highloghting pen which has the looks of something I will soon be addicted to

A lappie case.. which is too small for my huge laptop but will carry my papers adequately  well.

Laura Mercer foundation  primer which I am yet to use since I am still suffering from travel lag and my skin hasn’t picked up yet.

A little cute notebook that tells the story  of the little beauty box

Stickers that should make you want to visit  Paris and bring back all the miscellar water you could possibly  find.

So i took a photo of my box contents-  not all, on this cute mango sweater which should actually come in size xxs because, just because xs is too big and I love cardigans.


Does this post about this beauty box make you feel girly and squishy  inside?
Wait until you see October box.

Do you want to subscribe?
Let me know.

Love and shopping

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Natural hair products in calabar

Hi everyone.
I had a busy weekend.
How was yours?
I attended the naturals in the city event hosted by ekene of thekinkandi and natural nigerian.
Well, I was busy otherwise I didn’t hear any of the things that were said.
To put the word out there, skinpluscalabar is open.
We have a few natural hair products in stock and would like to know what you want us to bring in for you.

We have
Black jamaican castor oil in lavender and regular/classic
Cantu shea
Creme of nature
Natural nigerian left leave in conditioner from her brand as well.

We wont be putting much out there until we know what exactly your needs are.
So this is a call to naturals in town and around let us know what you want in store.

Next weekend we will have drinks and cupcakes so follow us on instagram for updates.
skinplus twitter

Eos balms and hand lotions as well as our other regular staples including the okay facial brush and scrubs will be available by the end of the week.
Nosam medical laboratory,
183 parliamentary road extension calabar.

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chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

Sodium palmate
Sodium cocoate
Titanium dioxide
Parfum ( eugenol, coumarin limalool alpha methly ionone )
98% organic

Chandrea is a lifestyle brand.
Based in calabar as all I know for now.
I say brand because they have a wide array of own products ..
Bath soaps, fizzes , fragrance oils, house sprays,lotions too.

I have been seeing chandrea from day 1 beside valuemart on marian road calabar but my curiousity was never piqued beyond a quick lookover at the products in store.

They moved location to venetian mall and with a huge outlay space full of exotic furniture and outer wordly sigh provoking interior decor materials I had to visit and have since become a regular lusting after furniture priced way above my current means.
They don’t allow pictures so sorry,no shop pictures.

Do you know why it’s easy to lust after skincare products.
Visit any skin/makeup site and arrange products from high to low..
You probably won’t hit one million naira on any item.
So I easily migrate to throw pillows and the corner where the scents are all stashed.

I have gotten a number of items but of course I am not one to do a haul haul because I haul anytime I step out my door and who really wants to know the brand of italian tomato purree I die for at valuemart ( see that there )

So I bought this teeny bit of bar soap on the 1st of october and also a strip of fabric tape which went into some order wrapping immediately.

They gifted me two little tea candles because ahem*i begged for and there weren’t any smaller bags.
Sorry, I beg in shops! Hahaha!

It’s called buttermilk soap and costs 500naira.
Here’s how we went down.

The smell- not very buttery but it is organic so no artificial smells allowed.

Lather- a lot of soap suds
No faulting this.
It cleaned well and left my skin feeling like it had a good wash.
The only downside for a butter milk soap is that I expected to have some creamy thing left on my skin but that didn’t happen. 🙁

All in all if you have oily skin,this will be the perfect bar for you.
With dry skin or atopy I don’t think it will cut it.
I’m looking to try the other varieties of soap they have available and one diffuser from the line plus their candles.
Maybe we can work something out.
I have a thing for home grown brands…

Until next time people, hop into chandrea calabar and enjoy yourself.