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Happy new year from skinplusng

Happy new 2018

Praise be to God for his mercies.

This year will see a lot of commitment from me on this blog.

This is my year ear of living intentionally and on my terms based on instructions from God.

I’m going to be easy on everything but firm and resolute.I’m taking care of myself better ans I’m making exercise and work out decisions to help me along with these resolutions.

Better reviews, diy recipes and a lot more sharing of informative knowledge.

Since the start of this blog, I’ve grown and as a business, skinplus has grown in various ways.

We are launching our online webstore this year.

To reiterate our company ethics –

1. Safe skincare

2. Zero waste

3. Ethical formulations

4. Organic as much as we can be

5. We intend to remain true to put roots and put pur clients first as always.

Skinplus is less of what we sell but more of impacting your life.

I can’t wait to share what this year has to offer for everyone of us. Whoop!!

There will be giveaways which will be mostly based on number of comments dropped and post engagements.


Every month there will be a surprise gift headed to one active blog reader.

Happy new year everyone.

What are your resolutions ?

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3 step regimen in photos

The photos are all self explanatory. 

This is a very simple guide to starting up a regimen of your own.

Make it yours.

Personalise it. You will eventually find out what works for you.

If you need help or a consultation

I am available to chat and talk with you as well as shop with you. 

Send an email – 

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Treating acne- pimples. 

It’s really simple if you know the science behind it.

When you realise however that almost every company making skincare products knows the science and starts out with it but sometimes you don’t get desired results for reasons I’ve mentioned in a previous post. 

Then again,  that’s why I take the pain to review almost every product I use,  from testers to full size just so you do not make that mistake of buying something with right reasoning but a little flawed.

Now, for people with acne,  a lot of your options depends on your age and scarring as well as other associated conditions of your skin.

Nothing replaces a dermatological assessment and nothing replaces a carefully tailored skincare regimen after consultation.

A general rule for a skincare regimen is the basic 3

  1. Wash
  2. Toner
  3. Treatment 

You must follow these steps to see any improvement in your skin.

This means you have to use these 3 steps as building blocks for whatever regimen you want to follow.

Other steps can be added as mini rituals to the 3. Whatever you put on your face is either cleaning it, toning it or treating it.

WashING is so important. This is where clogged pores start and not with oil production as is regularly touted. If you produce enough oil to fry stuff on your stuff but you wash it away, does it cause any harm in the end ? No. 

Okay. Starting carefully I don’t advocate all that use of oil free cleanser and blah blah because your skin will only become drier and then produce more oil.

Don’t believe that oil free hype. 

A wrongly formulated oil free wash will set your pocket back and keep you with breakouts intact. 

Does it really matter ? Yes,but not as much as you are led to believe. I’ve used a lot of these items and believe me , its not that serious.

Wash your face with even the simplest of simples. A bar soap .. liquid soap is always better because it covers more areas. 

In this regard, there’s a fabulous brand whose facial soap is to die for. It doesn’t smell like what you would think soap should and I don’t mind ebcause fragrance doesn’t do much to help your skin. It’s ecopantryskincare. Check out their facial bars here and even though it will set you back a bit, you’re getting more bang for your buck Instagram link. Try their facial bar soaps. Then there’s a whole lot of natural soap artisans on social media now and this gives you options. Suggestions are to go for charcoal and tea tree soaps. Charcoal will lift dirt and tea tree will kill bacteria. Perfect right ? Yes!

I love dettol soap for people who are on a budget and who need to choose one or two serious items to focus on in their regimen. 

Wash your face of all makeup and all dirt acquired during the day. Dettol has a lovely even tone soap with apricot bits. I say dettol because it has antibacterial agents in it. This helps to kill the bacteria lying on the skin waiting to get into the pores. The idea of washing is to get the surface dirt off and perhaps if you can afford some thing more, move up to a specific acne or facial wash.  Always look out for exfoliants  in your wash. I listed them out in the post on facial washes.

If you use makeup and cannot afford to get micellar water or a blend of oils for oil cleansing then I suggest a tub of shea butter some  of  which you rub some on your palms and then on your face with hands then wash, makeup comes off real easy. Do not use coconut oil for this business. It doesn‘t have enough natural acids in it to perform this function.  Shea butter is cheap and is everywhere.  Remember it has to smell nutty.

Toning is a very important step and this alone can help you beat breakouts. Many people skip this step but please, Don’t .

An acid based toner is best. I will address this rose hydrosol and other hydrosols used for toning. If you have problem skin,please skip the drama and keep it for after you have treated your skin.

Hydrosols are good when you have sorted out your main issue. Witch hazel is also a good toner  but if you have acne skin, do not run away from the truth. You need that acidic based toner to slough off cells and open your pores for whatever treatment , serum, hydrosol you eventually use to work. 
Alcohol based toners are not the devil.please do not regard them as so. Alcohol dissolves the oil in your pores and if you cannot afford pixi glow then why will you allow your face become a crater ?

 Please and please, use a  toner. 

Diy formula will be up soon. 

Swish and swipe with Cotton wool repeatedly until you get clean wool. 

Last step is to  Apply treatment.

This could be benzoyl peroxide,retinol or any other fancy item you please.  There is no diy swap for this one,invest your money in your skin.

 good products are not always the expensive ones.  Do check out This post on acne creams a list of products you can use. 

I’m always available for a chat.

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new products in shop (skinplus calabar) naturalistas alert

hi everyone,

we are taking some time off blogging as i had earlier said this year but i promise i will make up for it when i do come back.

just a little update on what is in store right now in calabar

we have natural hair products

creme of nature argan oil shampoo and conditioner 2200 each

castor oil from natural nigerian 1500 for 8oz

bentonite clay 1800

flaxseeds 1500

tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioner 966mls at 2500 each

mango butter 50g at 1200

jojoba oil 60mls at 1800

tea tree oil 15mls at 1800

lavender oil 1800

lemon oil

lemon grass oil

eucalyptus oil

rosemary oil

2000 each

avon naturals shampos 1litre each 2500

avon naturals shampoo and conditioner 1litre each 2500

avon shower gels 1000  naira each for 250mls

shea butter 300naira for 100g

coconut oil, cold pressed 1200naira for 100mls

almond oil 1300 for 4oz and 1700 for 8oz

grapeseed oil and avocado oil will be restocked soon and i will let you know.

we expect to see you in store or add up bb pin 5687595A

we deliver in calabar municipality and ikot ansa for free.

delivery outside calabar starts at 1500naira

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chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

Sodium palmate
Sodium cocoate
Titanium dioxide
Parfum ( eugenol, coumarin limalool alpha methly ionone )
98% organic

Chandrea is a lifestyle brand.
Based in calabar as all I know for now.
I say brand because they have a wide array of own products ..
Bath soaps, fizzes , fragrance oils, house sprays,lotions too.

I have been seeing chandrea from day 1 beside valuemart on marian road calabar but my curiousity was never piqued beyond a quick lookover at the products in store.

They moved location to venetian mall and with a huge outlay space full of exotic furniture and outer wordly sigh provoking interior decor materials I had to visit and have since become a regular lusting after furniture priced way above my current means.
They don’t allow pictures so sorry,no shop pictures.

Do you know why it’s easy to lust after skincare products.
Visit any skin/makeup site and arrange products from high to low..
You probably won’t hit one million naira on any item.
So I easily migrate to throw pillows and the corner where the scents are all stashed.

I have gotten a number of items but of course I am not one to do a haul haul because I haul anytime I step out my door and who really wants to know the brand of italian tomato purree I die for at valuemart ( see that there )

So I bought this teeny bit of bar soap on the 1st of october and also a strip of fabric tape which went into some order wrapping immediately.

They gifted me two little tea candles because ahem*i begged for and there weren’t any smaller bags.
Sorry, I beg in shops! Hahaha!

It’s called buttermilk soap and costs 500naira.
Here’s how we went down.

The smell- not very buttery but it is organic so no artificial smells allowed.

Lather- a lot of soap suds
No faulting this.
It cleaned well and left my skin feeling like it had a good wash.
The only downside for a butter milk soap is that I expected to have some creamy thing left on my skin but that didn’t happen. 🙁

All in all if you have oily skin,this will be the perfect bar for you.
With dry skin or atopy I don’t think it will cut it.
I’m looking to try the other varieties of soap they have available and one diffuser from the line plus their candles.
Maybe we can work something out.
I have a thing for home grown brands…

Until next time people, hop into chandrea calabar and enjoy yourself.

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Benefit porefessional review

This one product.
The uk’s most loved primer.
The other primers I’m loving up to try are
.smashbox camera
.heir atelier
.Becca poreless matte
Maybelline baby skin pore eraser

The struggle is real.
Benefit ships to Nigeria but you need to see how I struggled to get myself the free one in elle uk June.
It was come hell and high water.
Cost me some but I always love a small tester before the big leap and 4mls of product is about as good as I need for an introduction and making my mind up.

This came as you must have seen here with my elle uk from

I immediately dropped my go-to primer, the rimmel
And started on this.
It came in a little tube with the same design as the full one and had a sealed top.

The colour is a brownish tan mix and it goes on pretty matte.
You can feel it sealing up the pores but amazingly no breakouts ensued.
I’ve been using it with my la Roche posay effaclar duo plus and together it’s a great team.
I’ve also used it alone severally and it didn’t disappoint.
My makeup stayed in place all day and even for a wedding I only blotted twice.
It stayed on all day and I didn’t have itchy face syndrome.

Some Nigerian brands have primer but I really haven’t tried them out.
The fear of silicon for a face that breaks out with any provocation is real.

Does your face manufacture oil?
Do you need a fail proof matte primer?
Here you go.

I’m looking to roll out full shop soon and this is one of the products that will be available.
Let me know if there’s anything you want me to try and which primers you can recommend I keep an eye out for.

Love and shopping

benefit 4mls

benefit 4mls

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Giveaway news and what's new


I had an impromptu giveaway on instagram a few months ago and these two packages were sent to the winners.
First two comments on a picture I posted.
So one went to @ruudsoso and one to @deevadoc
So so got the item I posted which is the asiam daily butter conditioner while deevadoc got an Avon ultra colour lippie in red velvet and the Avon excercisegyro ball.

I’m thinking of doing another giveaway but I need to be certain it will be well received or I may just stick to instagram.
Besides new products I have a couple of samples I would also like to share.
If you want me to do the giveaway here, kindly Drop a comment.

I would also love to know any particular skin concerns you have so you could mention it down there in the comment box and I may just pack some samples up for you.

The last issue is products I’ve used a bit of but didn’t like.
If you wouldn’t mind trying them too, leave a note.
I dont mind trying stuff someone else has used unless it’s in a jar but if it is la mer… lol. I don’t mind at all.
Okay  people I want to know what you think.
lets chat.

Love and shopping

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New products at @skinpluscalabar

So we just got these and they are ready for purchase.
You’ll notice a lot of acne solutions because that’s what we are all about- clear skin.
It’s a daily struggle but these babies are here to help.
Please call 08036345531 to order or send a whatsapp message.

Neutrogena oil free pink grapefruit acne face scrub. Double size
Olay facial contour brush- fresh effects va-va-vivid wih a cleanser and battery price 3000
Mario badescu skin care complexion perfection kit with dying lotion, drying powder and cream -8500
Dr lin acne care system with face wash 2% salicylic acid 1800 , face pads with salicylic acid andacne cream with 5% benzoyl peroxide
10% benzoyl peroxide cream- oxy 10 - 2000 naira
Benzpyl peroxide face wash - 1800 naira
Oxy 10 salicylic acid wash - 1800 naira



My holy grail pads. The clerasil deep pore rapid pads - 1800 naira
Aveeno positively nourishing body butter 170g - 1800 naira
Eos lip balmsin mint 1000 naira

Gluththione antioxidant caps 3500 naira 2 months supply

635mg green tea with 25mg hoodia. Diet aid and slimming pill - 2000 one month supply

Dr lin acne spot corrector 5% benzoyl peroxide - 1800
Dr. Lin acne cleansing pads. 2% salicylic acid 1500naira

Royal eyeshadow brushes –
Large shading _1000
Small -900

Love and shopping

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maybelline All in one clear and smooth powder- review

I was very excited at the prospect of this powder after seeing various pictures of masterclass events around lagos.

Very cute if you ask me

Maybelline came to Nigeria sometime last year.
They recently partnered with House of tara to make their products available at all tara outlets.
Maybelline has so many products but what’s available now is their clear and smooth all in one powder and their collosal kajal and mascara.

The clear and smooth all in one powder is designed for oily skin.
That’s assuming all of us in the tropics have oily skin.
It’s a matte finish and has spf 25 which is a high level spf and innovative thinking.
Designed to keep your face oil free for hours.
The packaging is the cutest thing ever.
You feel so girly whipping this out from your bag.

Maybelline says
Conceals flaws
Controls shine
Perfects skintone
Spf 25


I have been dying to try this powder so when I found myself at tara studio in lekki 1, I was quite overjoyed.
I proceeded to try on almost all the shades.
I dare say so because in the end I had to just go with my hunch of picking the darkest shade available.
We tried on cocoa, mocha, caramel.
It was just getting worse as we tried them some more.
A lot of red undertones in the one that may have really suited me and I’m really not that red underneath my skin.

Thats mocha

I got tired and went with mocha.
By this time my skin was overdried from using wipes to take the powders off.
(We really need to start the miscellar water culture) taking makeup off with wipes that don’t have aloe vera, camomille or other skin soothing agents is purely unfair.
This caused my skin to practically throw away everything else that was applied.
Maybe I use too many pampering products.
Anyways, I tried some house of tara foundations afterwards and they just weren’t working either.

Fastforward back to hotel and I’m trying to makeup and go out the next day.
It went on ashy and made me look pale.
I almost cried
I quickly covered it with my sleek pressed powder and forgot about it for 3weeks.

The verdict
I bring out this forgotten powder one day.
Try it on!
The coverage was flawless in the areas where it kept.
It was amazing.
I don’t know what happened.
Maybe it’s the effaclar duo as a primer
Or the benefit porefessional pro primer
But oh dear me, it’s plain amazing.
I used it alone without primer and I was like eureka!
So no more hussle for powder.
It hasn’t broken me out in three straight weeks of use.
It doesn’t really conceal as they say it will but it does a good job of the light spots.
The matte part of it works for at least 5hours.
For my skin that’s a good thing.
I don’t know about even skintone for now.
I mean, I don’t know how I will assess that with the number of things I rub everyday but if I notice any otherwise unexplained changes be sure I’ll share.
I don’t wear powder everyday to work because I rather my skin breathe but I’ve been wearing this and I love how it makes me go from frumpy plain Jane to ‘omg, I’m posh’

So excited I’ve stocked it in shop.
That means the maybelline clear and smooth all in one powder is available in calabar costs 2500.
Can’t use this goodness alone.

it works. All shades available at the popup. If it doesn’t work, I don’t stock it. Cheers maybelline Nigeria, you’ve got a convert
Collosal mascara and kajal are available too. Those reviews up in a bit.