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A week away and products I tried

Packing for a trip is always a hassle.

You don’t want to forget important things and you don’t want to break out either.

I often use time away to test new products. I bring along my tested and trusted products and then I try new ones.

I’ve been in ibadan nigeria for a week and besides the poor network everything else has been fairly okay

I took along with me

1. Soaps from skinplusng -mango soap which I found doesn’t lather well because of all that mango juice but saved me from breakouts. It’s my own soap but I’m pretty honest about it. however when i got back i realised

 it was lathering perfectly so the water is probably hard around there.

2.toner from skinplusng I didn’t use this every night but if you haven’t tried my toner you should. It’s perfect for congested skin and skin that breaks out easily.

3. Effaclar duo plus.

4. Andalou naturals super goji peptide firming and the one used the most vichy lift active firming anti wrinkle.
I took my new makeup forever artist face pallette which is a life saver. I will review it fully soon enough.

Mary kay foundation

Covergirl eyebrow pencil

Sephora pink lip gloss

La girl concealer

Makeup forever mist and fix

The pink lipstick is stila stay all day

Do you know this fine girl by any chance ?
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Estee lauder DISSOLVE THE DRAMA  review 

Look how small the bottle is beside the pad.

I got a trial size bottle of the estee edit from one of my sephora play’s a 15mls bottle.

The product is thick, almost sticky like glycerin. Instructions are to apply using a cotton pad or rub on dry face ( I.e makeup).This pad is just showing dirt off my regular day face. It’s amazing. Almost better than some micellar water I’ve used before.

I haven’t worn makeup in 3 weeks. I hurt my foot and I’ve been indoors 

Small cute 15mls size bottle

The glorious bottle. I was searching for a toner when I found this and my mind thought it was micellar water so I set out to use it. 

After using it I checked out the ingredients.

Here’s what is in it – aloe, cucumber, jojoba oil

They instruct you can use it as a cleanser with cotton wool and rinse off afterwards or apply over your face with hands then rinse off. 

I slathered it on using a cotton pad. It’s slick and a tad bit sticky.

Instructions say to be washed off after this and I washed it off. I think this it offs a fantastic take on oil cleansing. The fragrance is a bit much for someone like me who has been off fragranced products for a while. 

I’ve been using my own skincare and I much prefer the smell of coconuts or essential oils.

However I love the way it cleanses off everything and can bear that for the fragrance which is supposed to be nice.

My take is that if this takes off simple dirt on my face then it should be as good for makeup. 

I tried it and although it was a little bit like a sticky mess requiring one swipe and a half, it seems to me that someone who prefers things a little bit more oily than micellar water  but doesn’t want to use a cleansing oil can go with this quite easily. 

It removes mascara, eye liner and a full face of makeup.

I had to put all that on just to take it off with this.

Final verdict~

I won’t be buying this full size  because

1. Pricey for a basic function – a full bottle costs about $32 plus tax maybe $35 for a 6.6.7oz bottle. 

Currently on sale for $22 though here estee site

2. Sticky 

3. fragranced 

If you’re into high end stuff because I would grade this a high end makeup remover enjoy yourself , go for it. 

I would stick to almost 250mls of garnier micellar water for N5000 available at most spar outlets. 
You can get this in nigeria at the nail bar in v.i I think .

In abuja I’ve not really heard of any store that carries estee lauder yet. if you do, drop us a line. 

I’m curious, how do you take makeup off at the end of the day ?

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Glam glow supermud review


Glamglow mud

I was literally over and beside myself to try this one day.

All the bloggers and everyone was going on about glam glow mud

Oh my. 

Surprise,one day it appeared in my sephora playbox.

I must really apologise for the lack of unboxing videos.

I had initially planned to make a post about the boxes then I thought videos would be better but I ended up with none of the above.


So here we are.

I recieved a wee bit of a sample and trust me it was enough to make up my mind about it.

I found that this was as good as activated charcoal benefits with some glycolic acid thrown In to boot.

Such a beautiful product. Perfect for lazy days and long nights. I used it on acne spots and I also used it all over my face. I’m not particular about following stuff like this up with a lot of moisture because I’m not keen on that .. however if you love a soft pliable face, I suggest a rose mist after this and your skin will be absolutely glowing.

I’ve tried to diy it at home but of course, without a good preservative system the mud will definitely be spiked with bacteria after a while. 
It goes on smoothly and can be spread out on your face. I just use my fingers on a premoistened face.

To take it off you use a soft facial sponge soaked in warm water. I don’t like using soap or cleanser to take it off it becomes a bit of a drag.

It’s absolutely and awesome product and worth the rave. 
Buy it wherever you see it.

It’s wonderfully good.

Ingredients include 


now you know why it’s popular.

Essential oils and stuff to bind and stabilise them all together 

For those who want an end to all of their pesky facial problems and a little bit of glow from a mask, this is your baby.

It retails at about $69 for a full size.

Available on their site and on

But hey, do you see why I love high end beauty boxes ?

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My night time facial routine

I rotate frequently between products I’m trying out and my staples but here is a typical night time routine for me. 

If you’ve been following the blog, you will recognise my holy grail products.  

This is routine number 1. 

Lazy and simple. Gets the job done avoids breakouts. 

Julep, love your bare face for dissolving makeup is a blend of natural only oils.

Equate version of neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub is a 2% salicylic acid faciAl wash / scrub which ensures no dead skin cells will be falling into my pores and cleans them out.  I usually leave this on for about a minute.
To the bioderma I gave added glycolic acid so it’s more or less a  5% glycolic solution like the pixi glow tonic. I have figured our various ways to get the acid on without the pocket breaking. 

If you want to try my diy toners with pixi effects just buzz me. 

Walgreens benzoyl peroxide 10%. I find that although more expensive at $7 the walgreens version is actually microionised. It works big time. 

I have various other routines and I rotate products a lot so I will be sharing.

For info on shopping these items in your physical location in Nigeria,dtop a comment.

What’s your night time facial staple ? I need to discover some more products. Please share. 

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Bath and body work shea moisture lotion review.

 I have been using it up just bit by bit postponing the day of doom when it finishes.
I daresay this is one moisturiser that didn’t have me reaching for a natural oil to mix things up.

My skin loves moisture and I don’t deprive it of some. It especially loves locking moisture in.

Did you know that to take advantage of your skin care products you could do something like an ‘loc’ on your skin ? 

I’m a sucker for nice smells you know, not on myself but in my environment.

The cream scent was a thousand wishes and I absolutely love it.

It’s not big on natural ingredients just shea butter, cocoa butter and then some plenty chemical looking names which I guess are harmful but one can never tell with these things. 

As a formulator myself , the names don’t look too strange. Some are oil substituents but it’s kind of easy to understand why the organic brands are more expensive.

This cream does exactly what it has been marketed for and a little bit more. It’s pretty expensive by our conversions here. Cost about $6 but bath and body works always has some sort of promo going on which you mix and match items maybe for less.

They do have a whole lot of scents out in this range of shea butter cream and they all smell lovely. I didn’t buy the others but made sure to try them in store. 

If you’re big on natural stuff then this is pretty harmful. If youre an all organic person then this isn’t your alley.

I don’t know about animal testing so I won’t say.

All in all, this is a pretty fabulous item to have on hand and using it made people ask me what perfume I was wearing even on the day I wore none. 

Point made. 

Repurchase is certain and perhaps in same scents to layer on. 

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Pimples/ acne solutions -face wash to buy 

Despite how much information is out there,  acne /pimples still is a topical subject for many women and some men out there.

Pimples have one major underlying factor and it is bacteria that end up trapped in your facial pores, the little holes on your skin that hair comes out of. 

When bacteria is on your skin as it should be because you are normal,  your skin may produce oil and the oil gets trapped into these pores with the bacteria that were just having a nice quiet life 

The bacteria find themselves in a cozy hole which is covered with oil and it is so lovely for then to start making babies. They increase in number and because the holes or pores are blocked,  they grow and grow and grow. Then they release chemicals that make the body react by inflammation , that’s when you feel the pain and before you know it a zit is out.

It takes about 3 days from a blocked pore to a full acne breakout.

The key to solving acne is solving

1. Excessive oil production which in all honesty you can’t really control because you cant control your your skin. You can only help regulate it.

2. Prevent skin cells from accumulating and increasing chances of blocked pores  by exfoliation and cleansing. 

3. Kill the bacteria

A simple 3 step routine to accomplish this is easily obtainable for anyone who wants to do away with their acne. In life, sometimes keeping it simple works.

I will address the issue of using oil free cleansers and scrubs later.

Steps to pimple treatment –

  • 1. A good face wash. -In this regard, liquid is often better than soap bars. You can spread it around easily and a little will go a long way. The active ingredients are easily dispersed in the liquid and you get better results. Soap bars may be cheaper but of recent I haven’t seen many a soap bar with the key exfoliative ingredient needed for acne which is salicylic acid. This compound needs to be present in your facial wash for you to have any good results from it.  You also need to use a sponge or facial brush to wash your face. It’s really quite easy. Most exfoliating mitts help to take off excess oil and help your gel or soap wash penetrate into skin. Using your hands doesn’t cut it and some people use a towel which will hardly ever dry out completely and will likely wash off your makeup before it gets to really cleaning your face.  Makeup must be taken off completely and not using the face wash which is for treating your Acne.
  • For makeup wearers I always suggest using a light oil to dissolve everything off and then rinse with water before you go onto wash your face with the face wash. If you can afford micellar water, then go ahead and use it . I swear by bioderma sensibio and garnier micellar water is a good addition to that list as well. Coconut oil is a fabulous cleanser and Infact some of its molecules is what is contained in the bioderma water. So keep a bottle on hand, wash your face properly and ensure you take off all the makeup
  • Facial cleansers to swear by , neutrogena pink grapefruit oil free facial scrub
  • Ambi facial cleanser with vitamin c and soy
  • Johnson and Johnson clean and clear facial bar
  • Clean and clear foaming facial acne wash
  • Dr lin acne face wash with Glycolic acid
  • Avon blackhead clearing cleanser 

These all have salicylic or Glycolic acid which is a very important step in eradication of acne.  

I will update this list whenever I find another product which is seriously breakout free and please note that most of the products I have listed here are drugstore products. 

They are cheap and contain active ingredients.  Some expensive brand a would contain the same thing and maybe add a few exotic ingredients here and there to prove their price point. Some are purely plant based and use the really expensive materials to achieve the same purpose of effective facial cleansing 

  • Clarins gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed oil for combination to oily skin.
  • Origins a perfect world deep cleanser
  • Murad clarifying cleanser for acne and perfect time release acne cleanser
  • Dermatologica clearing skin and face wash for acne

There are tons of brands out there but with acne realise that it is more or less a skin condition which needs targeted treatment to halt it and reverse damage.

So go out today and get yourself a cleanser that will work and that’s your first step to acne free skin. 

Remember to always read labels and it must say salicylic acid,Glycolic acid, or in some mild cases, lactic acid.

Salicylic acid is best for acne skin.

If you have any questions or comments,please drop them below and I will respond  promptly. 

Need help shopping from whatever you find in the stores ? Send me a picture and I will be willing to help.

Don’t forget to share any great cleansers and face washes you have found or have used that have made a difference in your skin.

Next post will be on toners for acne /pimples. 


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Tatcha rice enzyme powder -classic review

Hi everyone.
Today I review a product that was on my wish list for a very long time.
I really wanted to try this out and I eventually did.
Tatcha is what I would call a cult skincare brand.
It’s one of those brands you probably won’t hear about but is just making the raves and those who use it know exactly why they stick to it.
Tara harper is another cult beauty brand but more wildly popular.
Perhaps the acid popularity is helping that too.

Tatcha is inspired by the geishas of Japan , is a natural brand and their products are inspired to give non irritating luxury skincare.


I got a 50g-100g size of the rice enzyme powder from sephora last year.
I still have it until now although I used it very frequently at the beginning and then after a while like all junkies are wont to, moved on to something else.

Recently I revisited the powder and have used it consistently.
This is what I have to say –

Tatcha rice enzyme powder
Tatcha rice enzyme powder

It comes in this cute little bottle with a sliding lock.
And that’s the powder there.

It’s extra gentle.
I can’t begin to describe how this powder feels.
You wet your hands, put a teaspoon on your hands and work up some lather then wash your face.
I have used it as a mask as well.

It cleans dirt and makeup effectively.
Most people who are into skincare do a double or three step cleanse.
I especially barely use facial powder ir foundation so it’s mostly the days dirt and grime I need to get off
This was usually followed by neutrons pink grapefruit scrub
Or preceeded by julep bare your face oil cleanse which I will review soon.

I love that there isn’t too much of a story behind the ingredients here.
Komenucha,pearl and I think a patented complex hadasei-3
It’s as simple as simple can be and as luxurious as taking care of your skin should be.
Used as a scrub which I did as well, I also found it to be very effective.
And it didn’t leave my skin dry afterwards.

Is this something I would repurchase ?
I doubt so.
Why ?
I just feel that after trying this I have sated the appetite and I don’t see a need for a product that costs this much if it isn’t adding to an anti aging regime for me at this time.
I will enjoy what’s left of it and perhaps should I find myself in the mood to splurge on skincare I will be trying the indigo collection from tatcha.
Did you see that there ?
Now you know why I won’t be buying this.
I got my eye on something else.  The tatcha deep rice enzyme powder for oily skin I have a feeling that will have the wow factor.
Glory to the day when I actually stick to one product faithfully.
If I had to give you some advice though it would be this.
Serums are the best splurge for your skin.
Experiment all you want but when you want to spend the big bucks,  tatcha radiant brightening serum or the overnight memory cream. You don’t want to know how much it costs.

Tatcha deep rice enzyme powder. Image from
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Alba botanica acne dote review


I review a great find in a retinue of facial toners worldwide.
I say worldwide because when it comes to toners there isnt such a wild market for them.
They arent so many if you ask me.
I bought this toner from marshalls in the usa and I havent readily found this brand in nigeria on our shelves.
Alba botanica is an all natural line kf skincare products without parabens, pthalates and other known skin irritants.
This contains salicylic acid at 2%, witch hazel and thats about it.
Comparable to my trusted clearasil pads I found this to be a very good toner.
It doesnt clear out marks as quickly as I would like but it certainly works.
It dries out acne flat.
It is one of the best toners I have used in my life.
I am not mincing words with this.
It also has some alcohol so it will sting a bit but listen, if it deals with my acne and it has alcohol I do not mind.
The breakouts have been over the top of recent its unbelievable.
This acne dote helped out a whole lot and now.i have emptied the bottle I regret shipping its replacement by sea.
There will be bottles of acne dote at skinplusng calabar.
I love it that much.
When it is good, you dont have to talk too much.

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frankincense and myrrh essential oils in store- calabar

A few months ago someone called me about these two oils and i didn’t remember to get them in store until recently.

Both oils are especially known as part of the gifts the three wise men gave to our Lord Jesus at his birth.

what you may not know however is the skin regenerating properties of these oils.

for skin that has been burned from lightening creams and sun damage as well as aging skin, both oils help to balance out the skin and promote healing.

There are so many essential oils available for us to use and choose from and we have to be careful when using them. the best way if you can is to buy and include in your skincare as often as you would need.

For this also, it helps to buy blends- pre mixed oils that have been put together based on their properties and the objective to be achieved. I prefer blends which is why we offer a selection of free blends for hair when you buy castor oil from us (when we have stock)

i have a quick growing collection of oils and i am excited at the possibilities.

think of making your own natural body oil free of preservatives.

i have been using my own blends for while now and i must say it does help.

All said and done, both oils- frankincense and myrrh are available at 2500 naira for 10ml bottles in the store at skinplus calabar, or you can always call , add us on bbm pin- skinplus and send a whatsapp message.. whatever pops your shutter.